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Scenes from our First week

Funny things I heard on the first day of school:

Are we done yet?

Can you write my name, Mommy?


Why don't you want the power to go out? (It was storming outside)


There is a dragon fly stuck in the door...ooh I want to see it!! (please focus children)

Are we done yet?

Please circle it Judah...but I want to box it, Mommy!!

Are we done yet?

My Spot Lately

I thought I would show you my SPOT lately. Sitting in front of curriculum and the computer. All week I have been playing out the first few weeks of school. I am adding on some new subjects this year so I have had to spend more time going over work. After 11 years of schooling I am very comfortable with my kids, my schedule and how I walk it out. But I am open to new things and change...stretching is always allowed to make improvements. Our school year starts next Wednesday...and I am very excited. I always feel like this at the end of summer. Ready for the routine to come back and the last few weeks of summer the kids get kind of bored.  So, on with the show.  Keep you updated...and pray that my eyes don't fall out of my head :)

Enjoy it...

Obviously I have been enjoying summer a little too much. Because I am still not keeping up with the blog. Shame on me. It's been so lovely lately. We have been beaching it, pooling it and just having a blast all summer. We got back from our vacation last week and now I am planning for the school year. Lots of curriculum hanging out on the tables and lots of time on the computer for me. Fun, fun, right? I will be back. I promise!