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Going Home

I prayed a lot to go home this past week. I had hurt the muscle in my hip and things were looking bad. I could barely walk, let alone travel with an 11 year old 1200 miles away. I did everything my doctor told me and more. I was determined to go. And go I did.
We headed to upstate NY last week for a mini family reunion. We are from the Dutchess County, Orange County area in NY. It's one of the prettiest place in the country...right by the Hudson River. And it's only minutes from NYC. The picture above is my brother and I at the house that we grew up in. It's always sweet to go back. It was even sweeter to have our kids there and now my brother's grand walk and play at the same places that we did. There were lots of moments that day that I wanted to cry. There were definite tears in my eyes. Life is so full circle.
The picture above is all of us that came from Florida to the reunion. We stopped at one of the most awesome creameries that you could go to. They…

When You Hear From God at the Least Expected Places

I think that when you are a Christian you are always trying to keep your ear open to God and what he has to say. I imagine my life sometimes having one of those Elijah from the bible moments and have God call me in the middle of the night..."I am here, Lord." Yeah, well that hasn't happened quite yet. But I am expecting it any moment...hehehe!!!

A few days ago when I was in New York I had one of the God talking to you moments. But this time it was from another person. When that person speaks truth to you...he doesn't beat around the bush...and speaks straight to your heart. Yeah, it was one of those kind of moments. And I am glad I had an ear to hear. So, I thought I would share with you. I want to be open and honest. And real.

1. Move on with your grieving for your mom. She would want you to move on and live your life to the fullest.
2. Embrace your life in Florida.
3. Let go of that one person in your life that you are holding onto (I will keep that person's n…

I Just Love This!!!

The NCHE posted this and I really just loved it. A few, simple principles to go by if you are about to endeavor into the world of homeschooling. I wish I had seen this years ago. We are about to embark on our 17th year of homeschooling. And though I feel confident (most days) in what I am doing, it's always good to get a few new, good thoughts and ideas. Enjoy!

Not lost...

Hey everyone...I am not lost. Or haven't forgot about writing. I had a very hurt hip earlier in the month. I had a pulled muscle that stretched across my left hip down my leg. There were days that I didn't leave the bed. So, blogging was put on hold. So, I will be back later this week with more stuff to talk about.

How to Keep Your Kids Busy During the Summer

"I am bored!!!" Have you heard it yet???? I have. I think I heard it on the first day of summer. The pages of their books were barely closed...and they had nothing to do. Then I look in their room that is packed with toys, gadgets and games...and then I see the pool in the backyard glistening in the sun. And then I remember they are bored. LOL

I know things have changed since I was a kid. My mom just released us outside and we found something to do all summer long. We rode bikes, played in creeks, made forts and played house...we came inside only to eat. And we ran until it was almost dark. Summer was fun. And we didn't have any electronics. We were only allowed to watch television on the weekends. TV was never an option. And an iPad wasn't even close to being invented. We had an Atari (remember those), but that wasn't for the every day. We had to keep ourselves busy.

Allowing our kids to be creative creates flexible, self-sufficient adults who can think out of …

Road Trip 2018

Weeks ago Matthew and I had reservations to spend several days at a Bed and Breakfast in St. Augustine. Our thoughts were to hang low, get some sun on the beach and at the pool and to have some down time. Sounds perfect, right? It did sound good to me too. Especially after the past few months of busy. But then at the same time I get super bored...really fast. I am not sure how much quiet I could handle. And on a whim, about 2 weeks ago I saw a tweet with someone's picture in front  of the Magnolia Farms Silos. And I said to Matthew, "let's go to Magnolia Farms instead." And most husbands would probably say no. But mine didn't. We started to map out the distance... yeah, it's 1136 miles to Waco, Texas. That's a long way. It seemed crazy, but then the more we talked about it, the more tangible it seemed.
And so we did it. Yeah, we drove all the way out there. We left super the middle of the night basically, and got to New Orleans by noon. Neithe…