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I can see clearly now the rain is gone...

At least for the morning! We have stopped the continuous rain and nowit is only appearing in the afternoon. We measured the other day 17 inches of rain in a fish tank that we left outside...and it has rained since then! Our property was flooded in various places, but it is already disappearing in many places. We are so thankful that the Lord kept our house safe and that we are dry!
In other news, Matt and I went to the Orlando Homeschool Convention on Friday. We went to look for new curriculum for our kids for the upcoming year. We had a great day walking down the aisles in the conference hall...browsing through all the books. We were impressed by all the material they had available. We found a lot that would work for us and we brought home a ton of pamphlets. We didn't purchase anything, because sometimes you can find the curriculum cheaper online on ebay. The cost this year is going up considerably, but we picked out some awesome selections.
We are also waiting for the i…

Just when you think it looks like a desert...

It rains!!! And rains! And rains! It has rained for four straight days here in Florida. What a long week. At first it was a steady rain...for Monday and Tuesday. A bit of slippery roads, but the property just looked wet. Then on Tuesday night, Matt stayed up half the night watching Tornadoes coming over the Atlantic...nothing close to us, but Matt is my resident meteorologist and he kept us safe. And then all day yesterday we had down pour after down pour...tons of lightning and a bit of thunder. It was a long day. And then everything started to flood. So, now my pasture is half flooded, but the goats are still okay. I moved their feed bucket so they could get to it and they are staying on the dry land. Hopefully it will dry up fast, which is usually does. The chickens were looking at me with a funny look...I tried to soothe them with soft kind words about the rain stopping soon...I hope it worked. Funny thing, is that they have been giving me 100% or 1 short of their r…

Gratitude Friday

Well, the week flew by again. It was of course super busy, but it was good! Today instead of making a list of what I am grateful for, I have a story to tell.
As most of you know, we have been working on the addition to our house for the past 2.5 is going smoothly and looks great. Well, we had a construction company do most of the outside work, but the inside things were to be done by Matt. He finished the insulation without a problem and passed the inspection. He originally planned to do the drywall also, but after looking more into it he felt like he bit more off than he could handle. So we asked the construction company how much they would charge. They gave us an awesome price of $800.00, but it was $800.00 more than we had. So our prayer was that God would provide the extra money or bring someone in our life to help. About 2 weeks ago my mom suggested that we call my brother Michael to help. He has some drywall experience and between him and Matt they may be ab…


It's Wednesday and the week is flying by. On Monday we took the day off and went to the beach. It was gorgeous and the perfect day to go. The temperature was 95 degrees, so the water felt so nice. The water was still only 70 degrees, so it took some effort to walk in. But after you did, it was wonderful to ride the waves.
Not much going on in the home front. We are trying to press in and finish school. We don't have much left from the year, but enough to keep us busy. We have our homeschool evaluations in a few weeks, so I need to get their portfolios done. Can't believe that the year is almost really has gone by so fast.
The drywall should be hung today by my brother and his friend. It was delayed a few days because my brother's friend had a death in the family over the weekend. So, it should be busy around here today.
We have a little loss the past few days. Our cat Tinkerbelle is missing. We can't find her. She was here the other day, but di…

Gratitude Friday

Good Morning...Blessings to you all. I feel much better than I did just days ago. It is hot here in Florida..going to be in the 90's today...that will probably be the norm from now to October. Oh well, God is still awesome! Sorry there aren't any pictures, Matt has to get a new cord for the new computer so I can download pictures. Matt is putting in the insulation today, so I am staying out of the way. That is a man job...I will happily hang out on this side of the house!

1. So grateful that the drywall is being put up...almost done!

2. Loving Florida...just because I know God wants me here!

3. So glad that my voice is back and I feel well.

4. Summer is just around the corner...aaahhhhh!!!!

5. Life is just good...though we are in the midst of trials, God is still faithful...his faithfulness reaches the skies!

I have not disappeared

I called my boss today to tell her that I have not I have been seriously missing in action. My body is trying to beat this sinus thing, but it has been a long up hill battle. I have been sick since the beginning of April. This weekend I lost my voice...which is great when you have five kids to take care of. It is finally coming back, but I do squeak a bit still.
Matt finished the insulation this weekend. It took two Saturdays to do it and a lot of sweat. He did such a good job, and passed the county inspection this morning!! So on Friday and Saturday, Matt, my brother Michael and a few man friends will be putting the dry wall up. I plan on going to the pool with the kids...haha. Too stressful for me. It is looking good. We have a lot of paint done and it is looking like a house. And the best part, they put the door in to the kitchen of my house, so now we can walk through. It is hard to get used to, after living here for almost 7 years...but it looks great. …