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1/2 Marathon Training

Well, I haven't died or fell of the face of the planet...I am here. I don't know what has happened these past few months. I truly miss blogging and I am trying to come back.
Here is a picture from Saturday. William and I are now training for our half-marathon and this is right after we ran 5 miles. William actually ran a consistent 10 min mile. He is so awesome. And when we were done he acted like nothing happened and that he didn't just run 5 miles!!! So funny. To have an 8 year old body again.
The weather is beautiful this morning and the clocks just changed. Which I love. It makes it so much easier to run in the morning and I feel like I have more time in the day when I am at my best...the morning. So, there is a pot of beans on the stove and the windows are wide open in the 58 degree weather. We had record temps on the first day of November...nothing like a 93 degree day on the first of November.
So...if you read my blog...can you post a message and tell me you are th…