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Summer Lovin'

At the beach on Friday...what a hot one it was!!! It was just the boys and I that day, so we got lots of time together!!!
 The weatherman predicted rain all weekend, so we didn't do anything outside. By time Sunday night came the kids were going crazy! And the worst barely rained! So we headed over to my brother's house and swam...until 10:00. The kids were whipped and passed out as soon as they hit the pillow!
 The boys and I took a 2.5 mile bike ride on Friday. The sun was hot, but it was a lot of fun.
My tan boy...this boy looks like he lives at the beach in the Bahamas! What a great day!

Time Away

Well, I am back. Not that I went very far.  Actually, I didn't go anywhere these past few months (not including my NY trip that I referenced in the last post). When I got back from my trip I had full intentions to write again. And then a few days went by. Then a few weeks went by. And then every Monday I had great plans to write that day. And it didn't happen. I think I just needed a break. It's really my first break from the blog.
Not much has happened. Just in the middle of another busy summer of sun, water and fun. School has been out for almost 6 weeks...we are just about at the half way point. I only have three more weeks before I start planning my school year again. We are going on vacation in August and then when I get back I will be knee deep in planning. But for now, I am taking that much needed mental break.
So, see you again this week. I will post some pictures of the kids and what we have been up to.