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No Two Eggs Are The Same

I thought I would post a picture of an egg laid by one of our newest chickens...and then I decided to show it next to an egg laid by a mature chicken from another pen. Isn't it amazing when you see the difference between the egg of the mature bird and the young one? We were thrilled this morning when we saw two eggs in the pen of the younger chickens...soon we will have over a dozen eggs a day from all the chickens...enough for us and to sell. Spring has sprung at the Reynolds Nation!


Here is the picture of freshly tilled garden from a few weeks ago. It is all fenced in and the perfect size. We are only using half of the fenced in area. Matt built me a small potting table in-between two trees which has been so helpful. I will post a picture later of the garden area that was planted by all the homeschool kids. They worked hard with me the past few weeks on the garden and learning about different things. We actually learned a lot together, and I hope that I inspired them to plant their own gardens at home!


Not sure what to update this morning. This week has been going incredibly fast. I can't believe that it is already Friday. Every afternoon has been consumed with outside work...working on the garden, taking care of the animals. We spent one whole afternoon scooping "poop" from our bunnies and goats to place in the compost pile. I have a ton of raking that needs to get done...the last of the spring leaves should be down, so I can get that taken care of. I made compost tea for the first is basically manure placed in a bag so it can seep in the water to make a "tea-like" liquid to pour over your plants. It supposedly is one of the best ways to organically fertilize, so I am hoping it turns out good. Of course, I got a lot of laughs about it, but that's okay. Today we meet here for the last of the garden co-op with the homeschool kids. It has been quite enjoyable to work with the kids in the dirt. I hope that it sparks interest in them to work on thei…

We have been expanding around here...

Here is Valentine with her ever-growing baby Valentino...he is getting so big and is so sweet!
Here is Baby with her surprise twin babies...Cary and Dary.

Here they are romping around in the pasture. It has been a joy to watch them play. Their best friend is Valentino.

Not sure which one of the kids this is...but an up close shot for you! They have been so much fun!


Introducing the latest addition to our household...Miss Molly. A beautiful Australian Shep puppy that we got for Esther. She is beautiful and quite feisty...but a great addition to this house.


It's interesting how things happen in your life, and they make you reevaluate many aspects in your life. That has been this kind of week. I have been looking at the past decade or so and seeing where I have come from and where I have been. What has changed in me that I like and what I don't like. What has happened that I never expected and could I have changed the course of events. I look back at that eighteen year old...full of promise, off to college, ready to conquer the world...and now at age 34 with five kids, homeschooling, staying at I still ready to conquer the world? I am not sure if I can answer that in a positive manner. I am in a weird place...I think I have been in this funk since the new year. I guess I am at this point where I am looking up and seeing what needs to be changed...and yes, it may hurt and not feel comfortable...but it is needed.


This has been one of the busiest weeks of my life. We have been on full speed ahead since last Friday. Every single night and day we were both busy with various things. So the past two days we did a lot of nothing. It was wonderful...fabulous...and desperately needed. Here's a low down of some of what we were up to...
Friday-School all day with kids, helped friend till late at night empty all her clothes out of her house to her new house...
Saturday-Moved friend from house one to house two all day....passed out at 8:30
Sunday-Church, took Bryn to Kohl's to use expiring coupon, two hours at home, made muffins, then off to friend's memorial service and reception...passed out at 9:30
Monday-School all day, make quiche for two pies, laundry, friend over to discuss garden co-op, then off to cell group at Pastor Fred and Phyllis' house...bed at 11:30
Tuesday-School in morning, twin goats (found at noon) born, took Caleb to doctor appointment, stopped at feed store, make pie crust…

Teenage Years, Here We Come

Today is a special day in the Reynolds Nation. Our oldest child is turning 13!!! Unbelievable! How did this happen? She is still 2, right? Where did the time go? Seems like it was yesterday and she was sleeping peacefully in her bassinet. And now, our sweet baby has become a teenager!
She is spunky..tall...dark...and quite beautiful. She loves the Lord and is really coming into her own as a believer. She is the leader of the pack...the biggest helper here at the house...and loves on her younger siblings. Though many say the teenage years can be the worst time, we are proclaiming that they will be fun, full of exploration and with lots of expectation of what the Lord is doing. We are not the norm. We are not part of the mainstream. We declare that a teenager can be an awesome witness and example of a disciple of Christ. We love her so much and feel honored that the Lord gave her to us to raise. May we continue to do right in His eyes. Happy Birthday Bryn Elisabeth! You are a blessing!