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It's Right Around the Corner

I have never been a Christmas countdown kind of person, but I am actually getting excited for the upcoming Christmas season. Is it too soon to talk about it??? I used to think so. I didn't want to talk about Christmas until after Thanksgiving...but something has changed in me.

Last Christmas season over half of my house was packed up. We were weeks away from moving back to Florida...Matthew was technically living in Florida at that point and we were taking turns going back and forth. It was an extremely cold December in North Carolina. We had a cold front come through Christmas week that froze our water meter at the road and we didn't see double digits for days. And I was sad. I was very sad. My mom had been gone for a year. And we were moving away from the place that I loved. I was just keeping my eye on the Lord and trusting him for each step ahead of us. But, I sure was sad. I can't even explain it. My life was changing and it was changing quickly...and change is not m…

Warning: Do you think your child may be Dyslexic?

Three years ago today our world changed so much here at the Reynolds Nation. On that day we found out officially by the psychologist that Judah was dyslexic. I had been concerned for about 9 months that he was...I had heard on Good Morning one day what are some of the signs of dyslexia. Though I always watched my kids for dyslexia, Judah just didn't have the classic signs... like
the turning of the letters B, D and P.  Everyone always looks for that, but Judah didn't do that. But he was behind in his reading. And wasn't progressing in a rate that was okay. So, we had him tested. And it was confirmed. And on that day I started an intense search to find what help we could find for Judah. Several people pointed us to the Barton Reading and Spelling program...and that's the avenue we took. I took the training program and I tutored Judah...he went from a reading level of a kindergartner/first grader to a sixth grader when we were finished with the program. And then I star…

Monday Mania 9/10

Today was one of those days where your body feels super tired, but you know that you just can't be in bed all day.  Yeah, I know we homeschool. And there are certain liberties that come with that. But we also have a house full of high schoolers and middle schoolers...and you can't take too much time off without it hurting the rest of your week or school year. And with co-op now starting on Fridays there isn't any extra, spare time later in the week. So...we marched into Monday with tired bodies...but we got it done.

I guess the question is...why were we tired? Days ago one of my closest friends from NC called and said that she would be at St. Simons Island and could we drive up to see them. It was only 175 miles away...much closer than Western North Carolina.  I tossed the idea around in my head. Do I want to drive that far? Is it worth it? Matthew was going away for the day and night on a business trip, so he wouldn't even be home. If we had more time we would have p…

Tuesday Tangents

The day after a three weekend can be rough. Especially when your family spends the Monday at Disney all day and they get home at 11pm. I had some tired kids this morning. I, on the other hand, was home all day so I am ready for the week...hehehe. So, I thought I would post some thoughts that are rummaging through my head on this first Tuesday in September (can you believe it's September??).

1. First I am posting a picture of my special girl. She is 9 years old today. She is one of the best dogs we have ever had. We all adore our Holly.

2. Luke 6:40...look this scripture up and tell me what you think.

3. Summer is coming to a close...yes, it will be hot out for awhile here in Florida, but I know we are on the backside of the season. Summer is my least favorite season, so I am happy.

4. Have you decorated your house for Fall yet??? I haven't...I am thinking that September 15th is acceptable time wise. Not too early, but not not too late. What do you consider the right time to d…