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A New Adventure

Yesterday, Matt took me out in his kayak for the first time.  He bought his kayak months ago when he was losing weight.  It was a gift to himself for all of his weight loss.  He loved going out with his brothers or even by himself in the late afternoon after work.  But he really wants some people to go out with regularly.
Now picture me.  I had never gone out on a kayak.  Ever.  I never did athletic things because of my weight.  Being so heavy held me back from living life to the fullest.  It literally holds you down.  You either can't fit into something, or your body can't move appropriately.  I think you get to a point where you don't even notice anymore. 
Well, because of my change in eating and a ton of exercise my body is shrinking rapidly.  I am down 81 body is in dump mode.  I lost 11 pounds in one week, which is the most I have lost ever in that time span except for my first week.  I have been doubling up on exercise each day (joining my husband in t…

A Little One on One

I snapped these pictures last night when we were on a special date with Mr. William. A few weeks ago William was struggling on the swim team.  They had moved him up a lane because he was so fast...but this didn't sit well with him.  He was frustrated, didn't have any friends and was the last in line in his lane (he was first in line in the last line-all based on speed).  He said he didn't want to do it anymore and had a few temper tantrums over it.  We knew that it was from being kind of lonely in his lane, because he had really enjoyed it so far. And since we believe in finishing what you start no matter how hard, we felt like he had to finish. So we made a deal with him.  If he had 6 consecutive days of good swim days then we would go to his restaurant of choice AND some frozen yogurt. 
Well, he made it.  He is back to loving it.  It just took some time and some (yummy) motivation.  He is now second in his lane and has new friends.  He picked Cici's pizza (which I …

Gratitude Friday

1. So grateful for freshly baked bread in the oven....I am being heavily influenced right now lovely smells coming from my kitchen.

2. So grateful for my husband. He went away for just a day this week, and I was reminded again how much I depend on him and love him
3. I am grateful for the beach and the pool...the only way I have stayed cool this summer.

4. Thankful for quiet nights with my husband. We have been watching a skies on Netflix and I look forward to the quiet part of the day.

5. So thankful for the Lord and this awesome lifestyle change I have been on. I am loving the exercise, the great feeling I have every day and my future. I am Blessed.

75 pounds...Yeah Baby!

Today was the day...oh yes it was.  Today I reached my interim weight loss goal...75 pounds.  I started this journey on February 6th of this year, and I have dropped that much weight.  And I can't say how many inches because I only started keeping track of that a month or so ago (sorry that I didn't in the beginning). I lost the last 25 pounds since May 14th.  Now, if you read my blog you will know that I am losing weight by eating whole, healthy foods and lost of exercise.  Nothing else.  No quick fixes.  I decided to only eat good foods...lots of fruits and veggies.  Barely anything processed.  And it has been surprisingly easy.  I don't count calories or fat grams.  I eat what I want and when I want.  But I actually don't have any cravings for junk and my appetite has dropped significantly.  I actually have to make sure that I eat enough food, because my appetite has changed.  I occasionally have a treat, but it is rare.  I no longer reward …

Working Out

I snapped this picture yesterday when I was working out at the gym. Specifically working out the hamstrings...need to strengthen them.  It was Saturday afternoon and no one was in the gym(the gym attendant not included, lol).  It was so weird.  I guess everyone was making the most of their Saturday.  I had already been at a swim meet in the morning and out for lunch with my my day had already been very full.  Since I had some free time I headed over there with Bryn and we worked out for an hour.  I rode the bike for 5.57 fastest time yet and then I worked the machines.  It sure felt good.
But the reality is that working out has become such a normal part of my life. I average 5x a week...and most of those days I workout 2x.  I love it and I think I have become mildly addicted.  I guess I like the way it feels.  And of course I love the results.  My body responds very well to it...obviously.  I am in the best shape that I have been in my whole life...and the smallest…

65 Years Young

Happy Birthday to my is her day!!! Sixty-five years ago my mom made her appearance.  Born in Bronx, New York...Lebanon Hospital to be exact.  And here she is on her day.  Matt and I took her to my favorite restaurant for lunch...since she had plans for tonight with some friends.
There is so much I can say about my mom.  No matter what comes her way she always thinks positive.  Even when the battle is huge...she always thinks the glass is half FULL! After this year where she has jumped over huge medical hurdles, she still has the same positive attitude.  She is the type of person who always puts others first.  She has sacrificed so much for others.  She has finally reached a point in her life where can just take care of herself.  What a great place to be.  She seems to really love life and all that is has for her.  I think I inherited the same attitude.  I always think there will be great things ahead, despite what comes my way. What a great thing to inherit.  May my mom …

Gratitude Friday

It's hot here in Florida.  Really hot.  Summer has hit us with a big bang.  That's okay though.  It really has been a beautiful summer in regards to weather, so I can't complain too much.  School will be starting in a few weeks and we will heading towards my favorite season, Fall.

1. I am thankful for the beautiful summer we have had.  I can't remember a time when the weather has been so pleasant.

2. I am thankful for my mom this time of year.  Tomorrow is her 65th birthday and I just love her so much.  She has always been there for rock of strength and consistency.

3. I am thankful for my sweet husband.  I know it's hard to work day in and day out when your kids are having fun at the beach and pool.  He is so dedicated and loyal.  Love him more each and every day.

4. I am thankful for the beach. We really have enjoyed the beach this year...usually going a few times a week.  It has been fabulous. There is nothing like free entertainment.

5. I am thankful fo…

Embrace the Camera

We are embracing the camera on this beautiful morning! Matt took this shot yesterday when we were headed out.  My boys looked exceptionally cute so I had to take my picture with them.  I think I have taken more pictures of myself this year than the last 10 years.  It feels good to look good again.  I feel fantastic.  And it's time to show people how I look and feel.  Have a great Friday and head over and see Emily and how she embraced the camera this week!

Summer Continued...

On Sunday we hit the beach for the second time this week.  Caleb dug a huge hole and Esther decided to be buried in it.  We spent three hours at the beach and had a blast.  Nothing like relaxing at the beach on a Sunday afternoon.
 Here are all the kids on July 4th.  We headed to the beach really early that morning and stayed until lunch time. It was perfect.  Not crowded yet and we got some quality time together.  The best part was that the ocean was so a lake.  Which is perfect for five little kids and us.
 And once again we were at the pool...the question really should be when am I not at the pool??? The competition above is William...who fought hard for top place but ended up with second place. He has done a fantastic job this first summer.  He moved up to the second practice lane last week, which normally takes a whole summer to do.  He just plunges forward with whatever he does.
 Last night we used Matt's new pizza griller (we got it for him on Father's Day…

Embrace the Camera

You have to snap a picture when this sweet little boy asks you to, right? Love taking pictures now...I want them to remember their mama as they grow up.  Gosh this boy is so cute. Getting so big now, getting ready to start kindergarten.  My, how the time has gone by so quickly.  So, take a moment this week and Embrace the Camera.
Head over and check out Emily and her crew...they moved all the way over to Texas. Big stuff!