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First Goal Hit

So, today is a great day for me. A proud moment for. I hit a major milestone. I hit my first 25 pounds lost on my diet. I started three and a half weeks ago...and I have lost 25 pounds!!! So excited. I can't believe it. I believe this is a journey long coming. I have wanted to lose weight for so long. I feel tired all the time and know this isn't what God wants for me. And then in January my husband, Matthew, took hold of a vision. He wanted to start juicing and switch ultimately to a primarily plant based diet. Though we have eaten better than most people over the years...while grains, fruits and good food...we still have kept the weight on. Now, my husband is on a 60 day juice only fast. He has lost 35 pounds already!!! I am doing juice once a day, and then mainly plant based for the rest of the day. I also have been working out almost daily...a workout video and then walking on the other days. I must admit that I feel the best I have in years!!! I am sleeping beautifully, I…

In the Flesh..or sort of.


Hello Monday!

Just wanted to greet you on this beautiful, rainy Monday morning. I feel great after a relaxing weekend. Didn't do much, except spend some great time with my handsome husband and wonderful kids. We even got to watch the original Cheaper by the Dozen movie. If you haven't seen it...check it out on Netflix. It is very accurate to the book...and nothing like the modern day version with Steve Martin. Can you tell I like old movies? There is nothing like an old movie, my kids and fresh popped popcorn. Not much going on this week. I am just full of energy and I am ready for a fantastic week. How about you???

Saturday Happenings

Not much going on here in good old Florida. Yesterday the temperatures soared to 87 degrees and today...back down to only 61 degrees. Such extremes. The kids never know what they are going to wear each has been a crazy winter. Especially after the cold winters we had for the past two winters. Oh well, Spring is right around the corner. The kids are already talking about going to the beach. That will be right around the corner.
Went to the Farmer's Market with Matt this morning. Loaded up on some yummy fruits and veggies. We get our best prices there. Especially the oranges and strawberries...there is nothing like this season in Florida when it comes to fruit. Matt made the kids smoothies for lunch...goat milk yogurt (made especially by me), fresh ground flax, strawberries and bananas and a bit of honey. Superb! The kids loved it...and it is good for the belly. This afternoon I made kale chips. This is a super yummy food I started making last week. Baked with kale we bought…

Guys Only!

While I was working hard at my garage sale on Saturday...the girls were over at Nana's house for the night...guess where my guys were? Out eating breakfast together. Dad took them to the farmer's market to pick up some yummy veggies and fruit (you should taste the oranges, they taste so sweet)...and on the way they stopped at one of his favorite places and took in some breakfast. They sure do look happy, don't they? I love a man who will take time with his kids.

Oh my!!!

I can't begin to explain to you how busy I have been the past week or so. This past Friday and Saturday I had a garage sale at a friends house. Oh my!!! I have been wanting to have this for months. It's been on the back of my mind...and I needed to get it done. But the interesting thing that I had to sell was clothing. I know that doesn't sound too interesting...until you realize how much clothing I had to sell.

I have kept all of my kids clothes...except for the stuff that got damaged or was stained. Now, when you have five kids over the past fifteen years...that's a lot of clothes. I never even realized it was as much as it was. I just put stuff away and pulled stuff back out when I needed it for the next kid. Well, drum roll accumulated to about 30 plastic bins/tubs. Yes, I know that is so sad. I admit it. I must be a hoarder. I can't believe I had that much in my little house. It was crazy. So, everything had to be pulled out, and put according to it…

Friday Follies

My mother-in-law took this shot of the two boys last week...being crazy at the park. Love them!

Love Notes

If you could hear my heart, then you will hear these words. They come from my inner core...from the depth of my heart.

Little Judah: Oh, how you grow so fast. You are such a little man. Today we were walking and you were holding my hand, but as soon as we hit the sidewalk you let go of my hand. My heart was sad for a moment. Each day you don't need me the same. Each day you grow stronger, braver and bigger. Oh, how I know God has plans for you. You are mighty already. You want to be heard. You are strong in voice. You are a leader. God is doing some amazing things. You are a work in progress. But remember that I will always be there to hold your hand.

William: So big and tough...but inside you are all mush and sweetness. I love when you tell me I look beautiful. You always go out of your way to compliment someone. You have always done that...that's how God crafted you. It is so sweet. But at the same time, you are still ahead. In front of...a leader. I ask God how he can give me…

Gratitude Friday

A bit of a rainy day here in Florida, with somewhat cooler temps for today...and much cooler temps for the weekend. Had a great week...ending it really well. Quiet night here...the little boys are at Nana's house...which always makes a quiet house here. Hope you have a great weekend!
1. So grateful for a better than expected report on my mom's health this week. Anticipating a good ending.
2. Thankful that God continues to show me that he is always one step ahead of me and when I line myself up with him it all comes together. Continuing to walk in trust.
3. Thankful for my little artists here at home...the above picture is Esther's first try at Pointillism...she did a smashing job. I am blessed with a beautiful family!
4. Thankful for the soft rain falling and the beautiful place that we live in.
5. Thankful that God continues to bless us financially...he has his hand on this. So thankful.


Just sitting here while the kids do their school work. It been a busy week here. Busy not doing a whole lot. Just busy with five kids. Homeschooling. Five kids. You know the usual. Yesterday I sat in the dentist chair for three hours. Had a ton of work done...and you know me...don't split it into multiple appts, just get it done all at once. So that's what I did...I think the dentist was tired of me at the end. But it's all done...which I am very glad. The weather has changed a bit. We had our air on a few days, which makes me sad. The past few days though we have had the windows wide open. The kids were actually complaining this morning that they were cold. And my answer, "put on some socks and a sweater!" They think they will stay warm in shorts and a tshirt. Began juicing the past couple of weeks...which has been great...but I will save that for another day and another post. Other than that...and the normal mayhem that is here...we are all good. Just enjoyi…

A Small Addiction

Sometimes with blogging, I am not sure what to write about. Somethings in my life are utterly know, like laundry, cleaning, taxi mom...all that stuff that consumes a lot of my time, but not as easily to write about. But it is fun to write about things that take my time...and lately that has been Words with Friends. Other than Pinterest and Facebook is my new time consumer. It is Scrabble at your fingertips. Never did I think I would play Scrabble with someone in a different state. It is so much fun. It keeps my mind busy and constantly thinking. And I love and have always loved scrabble. Not that I am the best player, but I just love to play. So, if you haven't tried it...look it up and play a game, or two, or three...

Happy Birthday Mr. Reynolds

I didn't want the day to go by without me mentioning the birthday of my wonderful husband, Matthew. I can't say enough about this man. My partner for almost sixteen years, father to my babies, caretaker of the house...each day I love him more and more. He is fantastic, and we have a fabulous future together. God is doing some amazing things in our life and I am excited to see what He has in store. So, once again, I wish my husband the happiest of birthdays and the best year ever!!!!

You've Got Mail

Yesterday, my kids woke up to this sweet surprise waiting for them at the table. I made these cute stands with mailboxes on them for the kids. The idea came from my it was a huge hit with my kids. So, for the next two weeks they are supposed to check their mailbox in the morning to see what is inside. There may be candy, a sweet message, a toy...nothing expensive. It's all about the anticipation, you know. Love making memories with my kids...I hope this is one of them :)