Wednesday, June 29, 2011


When mama is out...this is what my boys do. Matt caught this picture of them the other day. They decided to play statues...and here is an example of what they did.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

$42.00 and some change...

Forty-two dollars and some change. What could that possibly be for? A dinner out for 4? 1/3 tank of gas in my expedition? No...that money went for a trip to the movies to watch Cars 2 for two of my kids and my husband! Twenty-eight for entry, $11.75 for popcorn and one soda, and three dollars for candy (from Dollar General). Now, some of you may not be shocked. But I was!!!
How crazy to charge that much money for two children and one adult to have 2 hours of entertainment (actually only one hour and 53 minutes)? We don't go to the movies very often. And honestly except for a $1 movie two summers ago, Judah has never been to the movies. My kids will usually go with their Nana for a special outing. We just have always thought it was ridiculous to spend that much money. So, as a special treat my husband took the two boys...cut the cost down...only take a few of the kids who would really enjoy it. I told Matt we could have bought the movie twice on DVD and still have had change left over.
But the real issue here...why do we allow this to happen? The movies used to be a fun, family outing that was easily affordable. What would happen if we boycotted the movie industry...made a demand for lower prices? Yeah, I know it will never happen...but it should. It is insane for us to pay these prices. Now, I know this family will not be doing too many movie trips. I refuse to feed the machine. We will continue to entertain our kids with outdoor, fun outings. We spent less than half at the springs the week before for a family of 7 to enjoy the whole day. It's time for America to take a look at what we are pouring our money into. It's time for a change.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Place

I snapped this picture of Bryn just moments after she got her first, 1st place ribbon! She received it for back stroke at our swim meet today. What a happy moment for her and for us! This is coming from a girl who would have dropped out the first 2 weeks of swim team last year if I had let her...and now she loves it and swims extra laps when she can. Last year she didn't do so well in the competition...I think it was just from inexperience and because she was gaining strength. This year...she was ready to kick some butt! Funny thing about this whole experience...when her coach told her the other day that she was swimming back stroke, she was so upset. She considers it her worst stroke...the one that she struggles with the most. And now, she was able to overcome any fear and anxiety over it...time to set her mind to something and doing her absolute best. Kind of like what we should be doing with life. When life doesn't give us exactly what we's time to kick some butt. A little life lesson from my daughter this morning.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Otter's Day!!!

In the words of Judah, "Happy Otter's Day!" Love my family!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Gratitude Friday

Praise Him this morning! What a beautiful day. Despite all the smoke outside (we have so many fires going here in Florida) and the hot, humid weather (it is supposed to be 90 today with equal humidity levels) is a great day to be alive! Even with all the stress in this world, it feels good to be alive and well. I am so thankful this morning for so many things...

1. For the little blond curls that just pressed into my side with a little grin attached to him.

2.For all the pool time that uses all of my kids this mommy a break.

3. For my fantastic husband who is the world's greatest dad. He loves our kids so much...sacrifices so much for them. I look forward to celebrating him this weekend.

4. For the summer time...where there is more free time and freedom from schoolwork :)

5. For God teaching me to step out in faith in the first step before I ever see the next step.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Food Grazers

The past two weeks have been quite the blur. My days seem to be consisted of drying pool towels and bathing suits and making a continuous flow of snacks and meals. It seems that as soon as they are done with one snack they are asking for another. I feel like a full blown cafeteria. I stay in bed late at night planning out snacks and coming up with new food for the kids to eat. Some days we are at the pool for 3.5 hours...they literally graze the whole time I am there and then want to eat as soon as we get home. The grocery list is having to be adjusted just a bit.

I thought I would post a goofy picture of Esther from this morning...she came out wearing this hat after we got home from swim team. I love these light hearted moments...and hope to keep them close to my heart.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Honor...

In honor of the first hot, hot, hot days that we are experiencing...I thought I would post a picture showing you what we will be doing to beat the heat. Here is my tan boy, William...goggled up...wet from the pool, eating his favorite treat, watermelon. I hope you do plenty of it, this summer!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Amazing Week

I have been missing in action for a few days. It has been one of those weeks!!! My husband is a trainer for Blue Cross Blue Shield...and this was his training week. Which means long hours and a very tired husband. He does a fabulous job at what he does and I am so proud that he is such a hard worker.

As you know, swim team and swim lessons started this week...which means early mornings at the pool with five kids...and two long days at the pool because swim lessons follow the morning swim team session. It is a busy morning...trying to get the kids out the door...milk the goat, make yogurt...and have some sense of order. It definitely kicked my butt this week.

On Tuesday night I took the kids roller skating. We haven't gone in two years, and I figured it was a great summer activity to do with the kids. Well, as you can see by the picture wasn't the most fruitful night. My little Esther, who barely knows how to skate, fell and used her hand to stop the fall...which in the mean time broke her wrist. Not too bad of a break, but still a break. It is the first broken bone at the Reynolds Nation...we have gone 14 years of kids and no broken bones. Thankfully, the orthopedic doctor put a waterproof cast she will be back at swim team on Monday morning.

So, it was just one of those weeks. Appointments to the orthopedic doctor, one dentist appointment, one very long ER visit...I am beat. We were supposed to relax and enjoy the beach yesterday, but I didn't have the energy in me to go. So, relax today and I am planning on having a relaxing week (whatever that means)!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Once upon a time we called them our twins...they are so close in age and always did everything together. Esther always mothered a little mama hen. Here they are the other day on the way to get ice cream with Papa and Omi.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Whole Lot of Splashing Going On!!!

And there is my baby Judah...on his first day at swim lessons. He is finally ready. A.J. his teacher, has been around our kids for years. I can't believe Judah is ready to swim. Judah has always been a little hesitant in the pool, but finally is mature enough for swim lessons. He did great on his first day.

Here are our participants for our local swim team...Bryn and Esther...ready to enhance all their strokes and become stronger swimmers. They have been waiting, ever-so patiently for swim team to start. It should be a great summer, and we are ready!

William swimming to A.J. at his swim lessons. Though William can finally swim, I thought the lessons would strengthen his ability and introduce him to the strokes. I anticipate him being on the swim team next year!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Beach Time!

We spent a lovely afternoon yesterday, hanging out at the beach as a family. The kids started with a little hole, and by the end of the time it was quite large. We got lots of sun and that our kids are better swimmers, we have lots of water time. I on the other hand, spent lots of one on one time with Judah...who still prefers the sand over the water.

Our little fish earliest swimmer, and the one who would probably choose to live in the water if given the chance.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Will She Be Crowned?

Had to post a picture that Matt took yesterday. Last week, during the hive was confirmed that the Western Hive lost their Queen in the ant attack from a few weeks ago. Matt is still new at all this and is learning so much each day...he really has taken a lot of time to research and seek out information. So, Randy(who was doing the inspection with him) and Matt decided to take a frame out of the thriving Eastern Hive and put it in the Western Hive. So, since then (Saturday), the worker bees are raising up a Queen (or four, I guess it depends on who is the strongest). That's what that Golden sac is on the comb above. Matt is very excited. But now, he has to wait four weeks before the next hive inspection...I guess new queens can be a bit fickle and can leave if messed with. So, lots of prayer for our little hive (I won't be doing any laying on of hands, lol, too risky). The Eastern Hive is doing really well...more comb and lots of busy bee work going on. This has been the most awesome experience for us...and I can't wait for the kids to see and experience more of it. Hope you have enjoyed the updates.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Morning!

My Judah and Matt hanging out this morning, eating breakfast together. Love them both so much!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Having a bit of cabin fever today...doesn't take long to set in. We had plans today to head to the Y pool, which we did...for a few minutes. We had a weather system sitting on the coast...and it strolled in and gave us a good rain. A nice wet, soaking rain. The kind that never really pours...just a consistent heavy rain. We are in such need of rain. The land is dry...the plants look parched at the end of the day. It was nice...even though I had six kids getting a bit stir crazy in the house. :)