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Gratitude Friday

Well, it is the 31st of favorite month of the year is over! Now, on to the holidays and the excitement of the new year. What a year it has been. So, here is my list this week of what I am thankful for.

1. First of all, my new niece born just seven hours ago...Abigail Paige Reynolds. Going up to see her tonight...I pray for this new seed...may she know and serve the Lord forever.

2. For Pastor Debbie Lloyd...she went right to my heart this week and ministered to me what I needed to hear. She was right on and turned me to the right within tragedy!

3. So thankful that we have been free for two years from our last fellowship. God pulled us out of there...and now we have become totally different people. Not only do we have a greater view of the body of Christ and what God has for all of us as a whole, but we have softened and changed and see God in a greater light.

4. Thankful for all our friends and family who have been praying for us and calling to see if we have an…

I will rejoice!

"For even if the fig tree doesn't blossom, and no fruit in on the vines, even if the olive tree fails to produce, and the fields yeild no food at all, even if the sheep vanish from the sheep pen, and there are no cows in the stalls; still, I will rejoice in God, I will take joy in the God of my salvation. For God is my strength! He makes me swift and sure-footed as a deep and enables me to stride over my high places." Habakkuk 3:17-19
Here is my matter what comes my way, I will still serve the Lord and nothing will stop me!!! I am posting a picture of sweet Callie, age 10...We will miss you!

The Coolness of Morning...

When I woke up this morning my house was nice and heat or air conditioning on. When I stepped outside to let Mia out...a rush of cold air came breaking through. Now, that is my kind of morning! I wait for a day like this all summer long. I don't have much to say...still in a state of numbness and letting the Lord wash me with his love. Continue to pray for us.
*I am posting another picture of William. Matt sent him in the corner for misbehaving one night and he decided to pass out instead. When he is ready to sleep, he is ready!

Belated Gratitude Friday

As you can expect this week has been full! We have been working with our insurance company and getting estimates for the debris removal. Once again God is in the midst of everything. We still ask for your prayers...we know we have been surrounded by them...from friends, family and our church family! Sorry about the list delay this week. My mom had another surgery yesterday and I was in Daytona taking care of her. So, onto my list.

1. I am so thankful for my husband who has become a greater man of God...he has softened so much, but at the same time has become the man of this household.

2. I am thankful for a great surgery yesterday. My mom's knee is healing, she can now bend it and will soon be walking in a few weeks!

3. I am so thankful for my beautiful children that God has bestowed upon us. No words could describe my feelings for them.

4. For our church family who has prayed for us, blessed us and stepped in when we thought we didn't need anything but we did!

5. For …


I think that the title explains everything. It has been a sad time here at my house since Sunday night. We were winding down that night...the kids were eating popsicles, I was lounging on the couch talking to my dad on the phone, and Matt was picking up...when he noticed a fog rolling in on our property. I saw him go to the window several times, wondering why it looked so different outside. When he went outside he started screaming...the detached garage was completely engulfed in flames. He ran outside and I followed...there was nothing we could do. It was all closed up and the wind was whipping the flames around. My mother lost her three last dogs that night...I had just put them in the garage for the night...we are so devastated. We evacuated the kids out of the house...running along the pasture fence, because we didn't know if the fire was going to spread. Thank goodness we had such a wet summer! All I remember is handing my baby to the neighbor as her boyfriend ran t…

Gratitude Friday

Another week has passed...blown by is more like it. This season in my life seems to be flying by. Between my mom and the kids...that is enough for anybody...but then I have my work as a lactation church responsibilities...housework...and my adoring husband (and those are not in order of importance). But God's grace is all over us...and it is so good to be in his arms. He is such a provider and comforter...

1. I am thankful for the cool morning as I took a was such a refreshing time with the Lord and to prepare for the day.

2. I am thankful for Bryn passing her spelling test just moments ago. It hasn't been her strongest subject but she is trying so hard.

3. I am thankful for playing educational games with Caleb and Esther yesterday. It's amazing how much they actually learn from Bingo!!

4. I am thankful for taking my kids to the firehouse today for a field trip.

5. I am thankful for a quiet upcoming weekend!

* I am posting another picture of William and …

An unexpected visitor

On Monday we were winding down our day, when Bryn saw some people walking up our walkway...and surprise, it was Josh with his mom. He had to come down and take care of some unfinished business and surprised us! What a delightful time with him. He looked so good...talking a lot and telling us what he had been up to. It was good to see the "old" Josh back! He had changed so much the past two years...and now I see a glimmer of what he was. He likes living in Ohio and he likes his school. I am so special boy...I love him so much. So I am posting a picture of Josh and I and Josh and all the kids.

On my walk...

I was outside this morning taking a walk...and it was so beautiful balmy...such a warm breeze going. It was so peaceful. My house was still quiet, except for Matt getting breakfast going. He is so wonderful to allow me a few minutes in the morning of exercise and quietness. Anyway, I was thinking of some friends (I was reminded of them because I was listening to their first dance song from their wedding on my MP3 player)...and I was then drawn to thoughts of my kids future spouses. I know my head wanders a bit...I was thinking of the foundation that Matt and I are pouring out to our kids...and what we are saying to them, showing them and just reviewing some of the aspects of the future. It is a bit frightful...but at the same time so exciting. I was also thinking about some of the things that I think are so imperative for each of their choices. I am came to the conclusion that the number one thing that I would want them to require of a future their singleness…

Gratitude Friday

AHHHHHHHHHH!!! What a whopper of a week. I had so many doctors appointments to go to...the kids were at my in-laws for several separate occasions and I feel like my house is a mess. I am so tired from this busy week...dentists appointments, doctor, orthopedic and eye doctor for my mom. I have been blown over. My wonderful husband took the day off today to help out around here...I love his flexible schedule. So we had a busy day here, but we got some things done. It rained another 3 inches just yesterday, so tons of stuff is under water. We have some work to do outside tomorrow, so hopefully I can keep the kids from splashing in the water too much. Chickens have had a hard week...every time I move them they seem to fill up with water on the ground, so they have been rotated a lot. We also started getting eggs from the chickens...I had a talk with them a week or so ago about how they have to earn their keep around here... I guess that did the trick, because know we are getti…

Life update

Sorry that it has been a few days since I posted. After my birthday weekend I have been super busy. But I wanted to post a few photos from that night. We went out for my favorite...Sushi...and it was scrumptious!! We had a great night with adults only and my in-laws watched the kids over night...all five of them. How wonderful was that!!! The next morning we didn't have to get anyone ready but ourselves....pure heaven. So here are some photos from that night.

Here are Barry and Sarah Bulls...with baby Addy tucked in the womb.
We met them not long after we came to Rock church, when they were engaged. We have spent many great nights together playing games on the kitchen table...and we love hanging out. And they love sushi..sounds like a perfect match!!

Here are Chris and Jen..old favorites. We have been friends for eight years and love their wisdom, peace and their love for the Lord. Not only were they such a help to us when we came to Rock Church , but they have continu…

Gratitude Friday

Well, it is Gratitude Friday again. This week went so fast. Lots of doctors appointments this week, Johnny Appleseed day on Monday, and dentist appointments all mixed in with normal life. I am glad that it is Friday. The kids are eating lunch and then we will be heading to the park for the afternoon. Have a great weekend!

1. My birthday is tomorrow.

2. My birthday is one day away.

3. My birthday is on the fourth of October and today is the 3rd of October.

4. I will be 33 on my birthday tomorrow.

5. My birthday is tomorrow...did I tell you that yet?

Slow down there lady...

I am not talking about myself (at least not today)...but just in general for most moms out there. I watched a report yesterday about this mom who left her child in the car all day and they lost her. It made me so sad. But the idea that they were trying to give out was for moms to slow down and to make changes in our life so that we are not overwhelmed. I know there are times in our life where we are busier than others...but this couple would not have lost their baby if they had slowed down, and focused. How many times do we multi-task? We fold clothes, discipline children and are on hold with the doctors office. This story yesterday made me stop and think. How often do we feel stretched between three different things at the same time? I am going to make changes in my life so that accidents don't happen because I wasn't focused on what was at hand. I am not saying live in fear...far from it. But it goes back to the concept of living an intentional life. That is my life's br…

Three more days...

So, I am at three more days until my birthday. The kids are talking about what cake they want and that they can't wait to eat it...they always think of others first, lol. I was getting ready this morning and I was thinking about my birthday 10 years ago. I remember I was driving through the mountains of Tennessee and Georgia to pick up my niece and nephew for the day. I remember thinking about how far I had come in my life and how far I wanted to go. I was about to graduate college, Bryn was only a year and a half, and we lived in Tennessee. Some people may think that at 23 it is a little young to look back and look ahead...but I am still doing the same. You have to have a vision, or you will now I am thinking, am I where I am supposed to be at 33? The last ten years have been a rush of great things and also some sad ones. I have four more kids...who ever knew that day ten years ago I would have five kids. I probably would have laughed. And I am homeschooli…