Friday, June 29, 2012

Running Update

So there are some awesome advantages to running...especially running so early in the morning.  This is what I got to watch this morning as I ran.  It was beautiful and totally inspiring.  To see this so early in the morning just brings such peace.  I didn't actually take the picture.  My daughter Bryn was running with me and she stopped to snap it. You just couldn't let it go by without documenting it.
Well, it's been a month since my first 5k.  Can you believe it?  It's so crazy when you wait for something so much and then you blink and it's been gone for a month.  I am still running.  Three days a week to be exact. I am still loving it.  Yes, some mornings it is hard to get up.  But I really don't mind.  It's all for this new life I am living.  I think it's hard sometimes because it's summer time and this is when we are supposed to sleep in...right? Not here at the Reynolds Nation. I am up every morning at 5:15. My plan as of now is to run my first 10k in November. I am running 4 miles three days a week now...but I need to seriously increase that.  So, I will be working on time and distance the next 5 months!
I am running three days a week...two days cross training and three days doing water aerobics.  Yeah, I know....laugh. I am in the pool with the old ladies.  But that's okay.  Because one hour of water aerobics can actually burn up to 500 calories.  That is so worth it to me.
Update on the weight loss...66 pounds!!!! I am rocking this and loving it.  I feel like I have a whole new body.  A dear friend of mine also told me to start measuring not to get bummed during the times that the pounds weren't coming off.  Well, just in the past month...I have lost 30 inches off my body!!!! Wahoo!  An inch here, and inch there sure adds up.  So, what are you doing to get fit and live healthier?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Somewhere in the Future...

Bryn took this shot of Judah the other day when she was messing around with the computer.  It turned out to be a fabulous picture of my boy.  When I stare at it I see the man he will become.  It amazes me.  I feel like I see his future.  Gosh he is going to be incredibly handsome!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here's Looking at You Kid!

If you stop by the Reynolds Nation, you may get stopped at the door by these silly creatures.  Yes, they are pesky, not overly attractive...but they are loved desperately by the members of this family. Got to love their faces.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Update for the Week blog is slow.  It's very slow.  Slower than I like it. It's my fault.  My posts have been few and far between.  And part of the problem is that I am just living life.  A very full life I might add.  To keep you up to date, I am posting a few pictures from the past week.  Above you can see a creation Esther made with a friend at the beach this week.  Super cool.
 William, having a blast as always in the sand.  He loves the beach. The kids stayed up by me mostly this week, because of a small tropical disturbance (named Debbie) that was making the surf a bit rough.  So more sand time than water time. It's never too early to teach water safety :)
 My little Judah bear acting crazy at the beach.  He loves going.  Sadly we have had rain almost every weekend, so it we haven't had much time at the beach with Dad.
 Here is Esther displaying her work of art.  She is in the Art Aces and enjoyed a little craft time.  Which of course is right up her alley...she is my craft girl, for sure.
While Esther does art, the boys are at the Lego club...and loving every minute of it.  They got one whole hour of uninterrupted play time with the legos.  A boys dream.
 William showing off his work for the week, which would be displayed in the library this week.

And of one my favorite parts of the week.  I spent the whole day at the spa with my best friend.  A little pedicure in the morning and then sitting by the pool the rest of the day.  Fantabulous!!!! It couldn't have been nicer weather, temps and time.  We ate a lovely salad by the pool, read a book, and got in the hot tub and the pool throughout the day.  I could do this every week:) Thanks so much to my love.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Can't go by without mentioning what a great Father's Day we had yesterday.  We all headed to the Mall of Millenia in Orlando for some fun shopping and yummy food.  I have only been to this mall once and it was only for a few minutes. So, it was fun going to all the expensive stores and specialty shops.  We walked the hallways, peered in windows, watched strawberries be dipped in Godiva chocolate, tried on clothes and then headed to one of our favorite restaurants, PF Changs. All in all it was a good day.  Best of all it was a day to celebrate the most awesome father, Matthew.  He amazes me all the time at his ability to father our children.  I love him so much and love watching him be the Dad!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beach Day

Just so you know what we have been up to lately, you can tell by these smiles.  Hitting the beach every opportunity we get.  Happy kids=Happy Mommy!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Gratitude Friday

Oh my, I can actually say that I am so glad that this week is over.  It has been long.  It has been very long. It has been a week since we got rid of our books and started summer...and it has been a fiery crash down.  I guess my kids are so used to structure and lots of it.  We have had more arguments, fights, and misbehavior in the last week...and this mama is feeling a little crazy.  Glad to be done with this week and move into our full summer mode.  At least the kids will know what to expect each day and may not want to tear the face off of their sibling.  So, in response to my week of anguish I want to say something I am thankful for each of my kids :)  I will call it my therapy.

1. Bryn-How lovely you are.  I am thankful for your joy, exuberance and your funky personality. I see things in you that I never was able to blossom into at age 15.

2. Caleb-I am thankful that you are so helpful. You are the first to open a door, pick something up or clean up toys.  I see a true gentleman in there emerging.

3. Esther-You are such a delight.  I am thankful for your simple sweetness and gentleness.  I wish I  had more of it.  You are such an example.

4. William-I am thankful for your creative, ever-churning mind.  You never sit still for a second, but that's what makes you special.  Your way of thinking is awesome.

5. Judah-My boy. My baby boy.  I am so thankful for your determination and your strength.  God will take you so far with bring a smile this mama's face so easily.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome Summer!

Welcome Summer! Yes, I know we are a few weeks from the official start of summer...but you know in Florida, summer actually starts around mid-April...and some years it literally is all year long.  But that's another post, right? We are in full summer mode now.  School is done. The books are being put away. School schedules have been thrown out the window.  And now we are jumping right into the summer schedule.  But what does this schedule look like?
I have been thinking about this for days.  And my heart want to make this a summer of purpose. I want to have an idea of what I want to conquer over the next three months.  I don't want the months to just drift by and then all of a sudden it is time for school again.  That is very easy to do.  And I will be one very unhappy mama...most likely because my kids will probably fight and argue all summer long.  So, I am making a loose schedule out for the kids and I. I don't want to be crazy about the schedule...especially since I am quite the stickler for the schedule during the school year. Just enough written down so I know what I want to do and complete.  I have some good ideas in my head.  Here is what I was thinking so far:
-A bible study of the book of Acts for me and the teenager.
-One afternoon a week work on science experiments with William (the others can enjoy too, but science is William's thing).
-Go through several chapter books with me reading to the kids.
-Read every day with William.
-Go to the local museum at least twice.
-Go to the free movie every week (as long as the movie is appropriate).
-Hit the beach a minimum of once a week.
-Organize one area of my house once a week (had to put that in).
-Swim team of course.
-Water aerobics a few times a week to add to my workout schedule.
-Work on the kids work from their children's church class.
-Go to the library every week.
How does this sound?  Yes, I may not get it all done and I would love to add some things.  What are you up to? Any ideas? I really would love to hear your input here!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

We Did It!

Yes, we did it! We finished our 10th year homeschooling.  The kids completed all of their subjects on Thursday.  Aaaaahhhhhh...can you hear the total relief and relaxation coming from me.  It was a great year.  It was our first with Tapestry of Grace...which I highly recommend and loved. Next year we will be going into Year 2 and I am so excited...Joan of Arc, the Crusades, the Printing Press...all that good stuff.  But first, I am trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I don't have to plan what we are doing for school the next week.  I am so glad. Of course, this means swim, swim and more swim.  But that's okay.  How about you? When do you finish?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Favorite Snapshot

I thought I would real quick post my new favorite picture of Matt and I. We took it last week when we went out on a date. A night out at our favorite sushi place. Love these moments. Love this man.

Good Morning Florida!

I took this shot yesterday on my first run by myself.  All of my running partners are down with injury or yesterday was the first time I had to go out by myself.  Though I didn't mind it was different.  And it is a struggle sometimes when you don't have anyone you are accountable to...nobody was expecting me, so I could have easily had gone under the covers and went back to sleep.  But what I have realized is that I am accountable to myself...I am choosing to live a healthier lifestyle.  I am choosing to loose this excess weight.  So, yesterday, I chose to go run (2.8 miles to be exact).  And of course it felt great.  It always does.  So if you haven't been to the gym yet or for any daily exercise...then get out there.  It's for you!