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Took Time Off

Wow, it's been almost a year. I can't believe that I took that much time off of my blog. I disappeared into the night. I guess, I was living a lot more life and not documenting it. But I keep on getting this itch from the Lord to pick it up again. And the itch hasn't been going away. So here I am. Here is the last year in a nutshell, in no particular order.

1. Obviously you know we moved to NC.

2. Finished our 13th year of homeschooling.

3. Bryn graduated from high school…so proud.

4. Working with the youth in our church.

5. We love our church.

6. William may invent the next greatest invention ever…man, that boy's brain works on overdrive.

7. Esther is in pure teen status…oh my!

8. Was a doula in my first NC birth.

9. Our kids got to play in lots of snow and ice.

10. Apple Cider donuts are the best thing ever invented.

11. I still pinch myself all the time…how did I get to live here?

12. The mountains are still glorious to look at.

13.  My family got to see their first…