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Why we don't have to be a "HOT MESS" in today's culture!

The other day I was heading down the road and I heard something on the radio from a woman talking about being a "hot mess." We hear that concept all the time in today's culture. I think that something that started out as a funny has now become an acceptable and cultural norm. It actually almost has a badge of honor on it...if you are a hot mess, then everything is just okay. Because that's the way we are supposed to be as women in today's age. And why would we want to change it... "Everybody is doing it!" Right?

So, I sat and pondered this thought for a bit. And it actually made me a little mad inside. It lit a fire in me. Why? Who said this was okay? And why do we have to be like this? Then I started to think about what God must think of this. His beautiful creation...created to be the helper...created to be "born responders"...he has great purpose for us. And somehow I don't think it's supposed to be a strung-out, overbooked, exhaus…