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Luke and Leah

I just had to post pictures of our new niece and nephew!!! Our families have increased over the past month. Leah Amy Grace Reynolds was born to Matt's brother Joe and his wife Charity on October 18th. And Luke Michael Warnock was born to my brother Michael and his girlfriend Dawn on November 9th. So, when they both happened to be here on Thanksgiving I got a snapshot of the two of them. Babies are so sweet and are such a blessing. Sorry the pictures aren't very clear, but you know how hard it is to take a picture of a moving baby!!!
Here is Leah at the hospital.

Luke the other day, busy eating his hands!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

From our family to yours... Happy Thanksgiving!!!

8 loaves of bread later...

Yesterday, I baked eight loaves of bread...pumpkin and zucchini (my personal favorite)...and four dozen pecan tassies (new recipe that got rave reviews around here)! My mom always baked bread Thanksgiving week when I was a child, so I have carried on the tradition. Today is my pie day...I will bake 4 pumpkin pies and 2 apple! The kids have been helping me bake and there has been lots of enthusiasm in the kitchen. Anytime the Kitchenaid mixer is being used the kids are asking, "what are you baking." So that's what going on in this house...lots of baking and spending time with the kids. Couldn't get any better!

Two Brothers and One Cousin

I just had to post this picture. We buzzed William's hair this week and we couldn't believe how much he looked like Xavier (on the left). Xavier is my brother's son and we never thought they looked like each other until now. We also got Cohen, Xavier's brother, in the shot (in the middle)because he looks the most like Xavier when he was a baby. Love having all the kids's always fun, always loud, but that's what it's all about. More later...have a week off of school for Thanksgiving!

One Tired Boy!

I had to post this picture. Here is Judah the other night after our final practice with the drama team. He had run around the warehouse for a couple of the cool of the evening. And he just wore himself out. Matt dressed him and he stayed asleep! He was out cold!

Lazy Days...

Not sure if we ever fit this title, but it sounds good. I am posting a picture of Judah, with his adored Mia. We find Judah all the time hanging out with his special's sweet! Life is good...busy as usual. We completed our final inspection on the addition this week...though there is still work to do, we finished all that the state needs us to finish. So glad it is done. A bit weary from all the work that had to be done, and still be done...but we are so close. I will post pictures when it is complete. Matt is incredibly busy with his new job...his google calendar looks incredibly scary...he is still in the adjustment process, so pray for him! I am busy with school, church and everything in between...with thoughts about the upcoming holidays and what to prepare for that time. I am heading out for the night with my best friend Jessica...a bit of a ladies night! Needed badly by this mommy! More updates later. Have a great Sunday!