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I am slipping out of the view of my children for a few give you an update. We have a had super busy morning here at the Reynolds Nation. I started my morning at six o'clock baking sugar cookie maps. I had to make four for the school age children before they opened their eyes at seven....and they don't open their eyes voluntarily, but with school back in swing, they are led by me, Sgt. Reynolds.
We started last week with Ancient Egypt and we have been having a blast...learning about Pharaohs, mummies, pyramids and all that good stuff. So, if you get tired of any of my Egyptian updates, then come back later in the year :) So, we made a map of the main areas of Egypt...and had a great time doing it. Ands of course, that was our snack for the morning...kill two birds with one stone.
So, I must dash back to reality...I will be back soon. Math, Biology and a war over legos have beckoned!

Oh My, Where have I been?

I feel like a blogging loser this past month. It has been incredibly busy and I haven't had much time on the computer. Please forgive me, and I hope to get rolling again with frequent updates.
I am posting the picture I took Monday morning on our first day of school, our tenth year of homeschooling. I feel like we just started yesterday, and now all my kids are zooming through the years. This is Bryn's first year in high school...aaaahhhh...she was just a babe and now she is almost done. Caleb and Esther are in third grade, William is in first grade and Judah has one more year before he officially starts school.
One of the biggest changes I made this year is to switch to a new curriculum....Tapestry of Grace. I still kept the same math, phonics and spelling..but the core of our learning is through TOG. The neatest and most exciting thing about this curriculum is that it allows all my kids to learn together. In our first year we are starting out in Ancient while my fir…

We Are Back...

Took a few days off this past week. A much needed break from the real life. Though we did take the kids (as you can see from the picture) was still nice to get away from the house, the chores, the cleaning...and most especially the laundry. Matt took this picture, and I feel like it sums up how each of us felt that first day!

After These Messages...

We will be right back..(Remember that from television). We are out and unaccounted for...stay tuned!

Gratitude Friday

I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend coming up. Tonight we are heading out on a date to a movie that we have been looking forward to for months...and then a family barbecue this weekend after the girls last swim meet...and finally on Sunday the swim team party that the kids are so looking forward to. Hope you have a great weekend too!

1. I am thankful for Matt's grandmother who is celebrating 92 years today! She has lived a good long life and we have been so blessed by her. We got to visit her this past weekend and she is awesome just to sit and listen to. So many memories.

2. I am thankful for the cooler wind that we have had a various time this past week. Gives me a small glimmer of hope.

3. I am thankful for my little boy Judah...who went from non-swimmer to swimmer in just two weeks. He amazes me.

4. I am thankful for dates with my husband. I love spending time with him...I am truly blessed!

5. I am thankful for water has been such a delight to work out s…

Coming to a Close

Today was our last practice for swim team...ten weeks of swimming four mornings a week at 7:30 in the morning. The summer seemed so huge before us, and now it is coming to a close. The girls progressed so much with their swimming skills. I am amazed how far they have come. These two photos are from yesterday. Judah and William goofing off at the pool. William has become such a strong swimmer this summer...and Judah went from non-swimmer to swimming over half-way across the pool. I am so proud of all of them. So, one more swim meet this weekend and that brings this years swim team to a close. Lots of memories to be archived.

Shopping Expedition

I thought I would post a picture of my girls from Saturday. They were taken by their Nana on a long back to school shopping trip...and as you can see they had a fantastic time. They came home with full bellies, a couple of nice, new outfits and tons of memories. Love these girls (and their Nana too :)

One Week

It's almost been a whole week since I posted....haven't done that in awhile. I hate not posting...I know that is weird...but I feel like I am missing out on documenting my life. And I hate to keep you hanging too!
Not much really to post. Matt went to Jacksonville for four days this week for new agent training. He was trying to get new ideas on how to train the upcoming agents better. So, we were without him...which seemed way too long. My mom actually came to stay with us, to give me a hand with the kids. Which worked well for the gave them something to focus on and enjoy, instead of missing their dad so much.
So, what else:
* Ate our first tomatoes from our crazy growing tomato plants. They were very yummy and fun to know that we grew them. Not sure if we are going to do any future vegetable gardening though. The bugs out here are crazy and they put a lot of hiccups in growing veggies. Not sure where this is going to go. For now, we may stay with "pretty" pl…