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For Those Who Wait...

...they receive the reward. Or at least a lot of pumpkins. It's that time of year again, and the pumpkin patches have popped up all over town. Families have been visiting each day to pick out their pumpkins..for decorating, carving and eating. We went by a few weeks pick out our pumpkins to complete our fall decorations. We paid a small amount, but it's worth it for the kids. They love running up and down the rows to pick out their favorite pumpkin. Well, tonight they close down the patch for the year. And there were a ton of pumpkins left. They told me to come on the last night and pick up. We showed up and got a ton of pumpkins...about 25 to cook down and about 10 for the goats to eat. All for awesome is that! There were still a ton left in good condition. So, you know what I will be doing in the next week. Cooking these down. The kids were yelling when we got home with our load, "pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie." There will be pie, bread, …

Quick Look At My Dancing Kids

I have been experimenting with my new phone and I took this video. I know, I think my kids are the cutest on Earth. Thought I would share with you. Happy Thursday!

It's The Little Things That Count...

I was just washing this plate up this morning, and I decided to take it's picture. It was so I have had these plates for years...probably almost 10 years. I bought a whole stack of them in vision of having a large family...which we did. We have lost a few over the years...but they are a favorite for my kids. A small dollar investment has brought years of enjoyment to them. As soon as they know we are having pizza they are in the kitchen drawer picking their pizza plate out. Then we make pizza dough and roll it out...and then garnish it with our favorite toppings. A small amount of money and a small amount of time.
It's not about the big Disney days...or days of lots of money coming out of our pocket. It's the small moments...the little things that we do to create memories. It's the little things that count...

A Date Upstairs

Being the mom of five kids has a lot challenges. I continually feel stretched between each one of them and their personal needs. Their needs range greatly...from the three year old tantrums to the thirteen year old ups and downs. And of course, with work, homeschool and house responsibilities it is hard to find special time for each of them. That's when you have to get a bit creative. Matt and I started to plan special nights upstairs in our bedroom with one child by themselves. We pick a show that they would like to watch (which is super awesome, since they don't normally watch t.v shows), we make a bowl of popcorn (and one for them by themselves) and we sprinkle the popcorn with peanut M&M's (they get slightly soft and salty). Then we watch their show...which for William it was a home improvement show. We all sit on the a little bit...and watch the show. It is literally an hour of our time, but to them it's so special. Walking this role out as parents c…

A is for Apple

A perfect example of our afternoon with the kids...the yummiest of all yummies...a caramel apple with peanuts. Every fall we have been making these, and of course they are delicious to the core. Let's just say we had a lot of smiles on faces:)

Fall Harvest

Here is a great shot of the kids yesterday when we went to a local fall festival. The little kids had a great time playing games, riding horses, eating cotton candy and snow cones. Doesn't take much for them to have a great time!

Field Trip

I took these two pictures last week at a Field trip...I just took the smallest of the bunch, and they had a great time. We got to see how horses are groomed and ride a horse....a blacksmith came around to show his work...and they got to play with barn cats. I thought I would share these two awesome pictures with you.

I Can See Clearly Now....

We did a small unit study on Christopher Columbus....and on the last day we made these cool telescopes. Of course, my kids love making crafts...anything that includes glue, tape, construction paper and of course scissors gets them excited. So, to be like Columbus ,we made these telescopes and were on the hunt for new land!

My Cry

I was watching a show on television the other day about this girl who is leading the "cry" in Canada. This is when a group of believers gets together and cries out to the Lord. They have specific things that they are praying and believing for. It was really cool to hear how God has responded...with major, radical changes in government, crime, the youth, etc. So, this got my heart stirring...I want the Lord to respond to me and my "cry." I know He hears my heart and my prayers. I know He loves us. And I know that He is moved by my faith.
I am crying out for my be a place of refuge, peace, joy, love and rest. May it always be a welcoming place and a comfort. May people be drawn to it and want to drink of it's cup.
I am crying out for my husband...may he always be leader of our home...may he lead our children in a Godly manner, showing them the ways of the Lord. May he be successful in the workplace and always prosper there. May the stress of t…

One Shot To Share

I found this in the tons of pictures downloaded on the computer. I thought it was sweet. I know that my kids (and all the grandkidss) bring a lot of joy to my mother-in-law Amy. Especially this time, as she starts a new season in her life without my father-in-law. It's exciting to see what God is doing and what he has planned for the future!

Paper Mache Pineapples

I took a picture of our paper mache pineapples so they can last forever in our memory. The kids made these a few weeks ago with our homeschool group. I have honestly never done paper mache before. So, this was the first time for all of us. They did a really good job...until they started to paint. Their artistic aspirations went a bit haywire. But they had fun and enjoyed getting messy with their hands. I think we may try some paper mache pumpkins here at our house....we will see!

My Nana

I found this picture on my cousin's Facebook page. It's of my Nana. She has been gone now for almost thirty years, but she still impacts this entire family. I still have such vivid memories of her....of her house, her friends, what she ate (apple jacks, forever), her voice still is there...and most of all her love. I truly believe that I know the Lord as my saviour because of her and her prayers. Prayer moves into all the generations...and that touched me and my own children. When my cousin posted this, it brought warm thoughts all over me. Today, think of a person who may have touched your life.

A Moment In Our School Day

I thought I would post a picture that I took of the kids the other day while they were busy with their school work. All around the table, working hard. It's relatively quiet in the morning, while they are working. Everyone busy with their own work. Even Judah was there, "working" on his school work. He usually breezes in and out during the morning. William is the first to finish, then usually Esther, then Caleb...and then Bryn (our 8th grader) who has a lot more work than anyone else. You can also see our pug, Mia, hanging out too!

Johnny Appleseed Day

Here's the whole gang, in front of the picture Daddy surprised them with that morning. They were looking forward to this day for over a week!

Judah and Esther trying to look like Johnny Appleseed....

Making our apple prints outside...the kids loved this part.

Here are Esther and Judah with friends Gloria and Aaron. They are coloring their Johnny Appleseed picture!

Every time I have a kindergartner come through our school, we have a Johnny Appleseed Day. It's a lot of fun...a time to learn about who John Chapman really eat yummy apple treats (homemade apple fritters and homemade applesauce)...make apple prints with lace up an apple card and color a special picture. The kids look forward to it so much, and I enjoy planning it for them.

Well, It Came....

My dreaded 35th birthday creeped up on me. I hated the thought of it...despised it...tried to deny it...but it still came. So, I guess I will accept the inevitable and live life to the fullest. I really feel like this year is a major milestone for me. I am in the process of making decisions that are going to change the rest of my life. I am choosing to make a difference...for me. Which will in turn change the lives of my loved ones for the better. So, I am pushing forward...charging ahead...nothing can stop me now!

Look What I Found This Morning