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My little (growing up way to fast) man!

I just had to post this picture of William. My friend posted it on Facebook, and it is a great picture of him. He is so incredibly handsome. And he is the most lovable of all my kids...kisses me the most...hugs me the most...tells me he loves me the most...and he tells me all the time that I am pretty. Makes this mom's heart melt. I always tell him that one day he is going to be a great husband, if he treats her like he does me. So, here is my boy...almost 5!


I felt compelled this morning to take a moment to mention a loss that we had this weekend. My friend Diane Sanders lost her husband, Jeff, after a several year faith struggle with prostate cancer. He at one time was a productive business man, husband and father. The past few years have been a struggle after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Lots of mountains and valleys for this family the past years...but the most important thing is the stance that they stood in....they believed that God would heal him and that this would be an amazing part of his testimony. We have seen this very thing happen in our own church. But this is one of those times where you can't explain God...or even question him. His is sovereign. Your trust is totally in Him. I told Diane yesterday that they did leave an awesome testimony. They stood in faith no matter what. They did now bow down to fear, pain or questionable reports from the doctor. They reached out to the community for help...there was an aw…


Well, here I am in the middle of February and still feel like I am in this major transition. It has been six weeks since I stopped working part-time for the health department and I don't feel like I have hit my stride yet. I went from working most afternoons to now having lots of free time...which sounds wonderful...but now I am trying to figure out how to use my time wisely. I have numerous things that I want to do, start and get done...but now it's putting my thoughts to action and walking it out. It is such a privilege to stay at home with my kids full time, so I want to honor the Lord by capturing every moment and to have fruit come out from this time. Especially with this beautiful weather that we have been experiencing this winter...I want to take every moment I can outside. We actually have done so much. Every bit of the cleared property has been raked two times over the course of the past two months...we have our garden tilled and moving towards readiness...we have bot…


Well, I had to post a picture of the newest addition to our little farm...Valentino. He was born on February 5...I was going to let the goats into the different pasture when I saw his head pop up from beside his Mama. There was a lot of excitement around here. He is super cute...the kids love him and he is adjusting very well to his new home. We named him Valentino because it is so close to Valentines day. We just bought his mother (knowing she was pregnant) to help clear up some of our pasture. Sheep are supposed to eat a lot of the vegetation that goats won't. Loving all the changes going on around here.

Gratitude Friday

You know, sometimes, we need to take a little time to thank God for all that we have in our life. Sometimes we get wrapped up with so much of this life that we lose our purpose, focus and drive! I know I have been a poor blogger computer is down so I am depending on my husband's computer when he gets home from work.

1. Thankful for the quiet morning I am kids yelling, no food cooking (yet) and the sun rising from the east.
2. I am thankful for such a hardworking husband. He has put in the abundance of hours this week...he always pushes through to get the job done. He is an awesome provider.
3. I am thankful for my boys...for the jumping, climbing fences, stick throwing, running, plowing through things...and all that they entail. They are my joy!
4. Thankful for the cool has been quite the enjoyable winter. We have spent so many hours outside!
5. Thankful for a God who meets our needs where we are rest, joy and peace is in him!