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Family Night

Here is our resident drummer. Caleb taking some instruction from Matt last night. Matt had some new music and he took some time and worked with Caleb. Caleb has a natural rhythm and he picks up on beats after only listening to a song one time. They had a great time. The other kids did it too, but didn't have the same beat going on.
A little twister goes a long way...the game came out in 1966, but it still holds true today. The kids loved it, but most of them couldn't reach the other side. Judah was so funny...dancing around the board...and William being so confused about the right and left sides.

Here is William trying so hard to stretch across. He did so good for the first time...he is so insistent to take time and work hard.. persistent he is! We have some incredibly busy weeks coming up, so we took some time out to have a family night. We ate dinner, played twister, ate cookies made that afternoon by the kids, and listened to some worship music...a great night. By…

Fabulous Friday

Today is the last day off before school starts on Monday. The summer has gone by so fast! It seems like it just started and I had such good intentions to finish so much stuff. And yes, I did...but not as much as I wanted. But I did swim with the kids a lot...and we did go to the beach more than ever...and we had a total blast!! No complaints about the summer. I did clean out some areas of my house...we did paint the inside...but we are still working on the addition...just about done, but not quite. School books are starting to pour in from the UPS man and mailman...the kids are so excited when they open up the boxes. They are ready to start and have their routine again, and so am I! This break was much needed and enjoyed, but I look forward to the days ahead. For everything there is a season...

Wordless Wednesday :)



Today I was finally able to purchase all of our curriculum for school...only a week before school starts. Thankfully, it will be here in time for school to start a week from today. I was able to purchase a history set last week on ebay...100 dollars cheaper then a brand new set. This is the first year that I have spent the amount that I spent today...last year I thought $300 was a lot...but with 3 kids in school the amount rose considerably. I did purchase several items that will be reused, so I am excited for that. With all the little kids following, I will be able to get my money's worth. Put aside the cost (which I must admit is much less than one month's fees for private school and even less than what the average parent spends on back to school clothes and supplies), and realize that every dollar spent and time spent is an investment in my kids. That is the most awesome thing about homeschooling. Every day is a time to plant seed in their lives...and to explore and open up…

Gratitude Friday

I woke up this morning feeling a bit road weary. Have had a busy at home. Trying to finish some of the things that I set out to do for the summer. We are coming up to our last week of summer...we start school on the 31st. So excited to start our new school year...I usually feel that way after summer...tired of the lack of routine and ready to make some progress. Though we did have an awesome summer...I think the kids grew two inches a piece, Judah is talking like crazy and Matt and I are finally finding our place of leadership at church. It is awesome! This week though, we have been pressing in about our finances. The slowing in the economy has been making a pinch in Matt's sales. And we are trying to make decisions about my job and my future there....since my need to keep my full attention at home is greater than ever before. So we are keeping our eyes on the Lord...we are totally dependant on Him...He is our focus. The Lord is squeezing out thought and ways from this…

Out of the Mouth of Babes...

William was sitting on the bench at our dining room table the other day...I was in the living room minding my own business...and then William says to me, "mom, will Caleb become white for Christmas?" I said, "no, William." "Caleb will be black forever?" "Yes William." And that was the end of conversation. I don't know where this stuff comes from. I had to blog this so I wouldn't forget. Out of the mouth of babes...brings a lot of laughter in our home!

Farmer Boy

We had an amazing time on Saturday afternoon. We have been reading a few chapters every day as a family from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy. We read this a few years ago when Bryn was young, so it has turned into a family favorite. It has home stuff for the girls and some suspense for the boys. A little bit for everyone in the family. I also a few years ago bought TheLittle House Cookbook. In the book there is a recipe for donuts, just like Almanzo's mother made. He eats them at so many of the meals, so we decided to take a bite too. Here are the kids when they were all done (Judah was napping, thankfully, or he would have had his hand in everything). We made sugar and cinnamon sugar donuts. They were so yummy and eaten up rather quickly. What a perfect way to spend the afternoon with your family.
Here is Esther working on the dough of the donuts. The boys and girls had their own bowls and we made the recipe together.

Caleb rolling his donut out. In the book i…

From the weekend

Here are a few snapshots from Sunday night. Here I am reading to the kids...I have ready 1/3 of the book Farmer Boy to them. They have enjoyed the book this past week. I love to read chapter books to them...keeps us together and a great way to see how well their comprehension is.

Here is Chewy snapping a picture of Matt. Funny how they imitate everything that we do...nobody had to show him how to do this...he wants to take pictures too!
And here is Judah enjoying his chocolate fondue. We set up the fondue tonight and they loved every minute of it and ate every bite. The best part was when William came up to me at the end and said, "Mom that was the best surprise ever." Doesn't take much to keep our kids happy and together.

Bolivia! Bolivia!

Not sure why the pictures are so small, but here are a few pictures from Matt in Bolivia. He had an awesome experience and God was so real the whole time. Here is Matt and one of the local kids.
Here they are working on the playground for all the kids. The best thing Matt heard was when the church people said that by the team coming and restoring the playground they would affect generations of people in their village. The kids come and meet the Lord and then the parents do the's generational again!

This is the slide that was redone. They were testing it out to see how well it worked, lol.

A few of the team hanging out on the monkey bars...the equipment was all painted and it looked so nice.

Here is where Matt stayed. The mountain tops had snow (don't forget it's their winter time) and the scenery was so beautiful.

Kids Of Course

Thought I would post two more pictures of the kids...this is the five of them with their cousin Abby. The kids are all the grand kids of Bill and Amy (Nana and PapPap), Matt's parents. We are expecting a new baby, Leah, in October from Joe and Charity.
I had to post this picture of Judah, aka Chewy. He looks so handsome in this picture. All the blond curls, and that face...I tell him that he is handsome, all the time, like his daddy. He is growing so fast...he says "mo" now instead of is so cute! Update on Matt...he came home last night...exhausted, but totally in awe of God and what he did on the trip. I will post some pictures of his trip soon.

It's Generational

Here is Grandma as she was walking in the V.F.W and seeing all of us waiting for her. You can tell she was surprised!
Yesterday, we had a surprise birthday party for Matt's Grandmother's 90th birthday. It was planned for months and took place at the V.F.W (where Grandma has been a member for 30 years). Almost all the family was there (we won't name any names or the one missing member in South America), some flew in from Texas and we actually kept it a secret from her. She didn't know until she got there. It was a great time, fun and togetherness. Four generations were represented yesterday. The coolest part was to see all the kids together...cousins...brought together because of one woman...she has lived a great of generosity and love. So here are a few pictures from yesterday...

Here is Grandma thanking everyone at the end of the night...most of her great-grand kids are behind her.

Here are the grand kids (Baby Abby is missing) all together..…


I am posting an old picture from the beach in long ago (lol)...but since I broke or shall we say flooded my camera this week I won't be posting any new pictures for now. We will see what I can do about that.
Matt has been gone for the whole week...and what a tiring week it has been. I e-mailed him and told him how much I love him and how much I appreciate what he does in the house. He truly is the head of this house and it does not run as smoothly when he is gone. We miss him so much and the kids are doing good...every day one of them asks if he is coming today. Only three more days. I have been able to talk to him a few times (mainly on facebook) and he is having an incredible trip and God is doing some amazing things in Bolivia. I can't wait until he comes home and can give the full account.
So, we are hanging out and trying to act I have been walking for the past few weeks...3-4 miles three times this past week. It has been awesome and I am looking forward…