Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Little Red Car

I snapped this picture yesterday when I brought the little "red" car over to my mother-in-law's house.  Yes, I know it is not red, but in my mind I have always thought of it I am establishing now that it is red. Okay. Okay. So, now that we got that small point out of the way, it was a sad moment when I did this.  We have had this car FOREVER!  I spotted this car about 8 years ago when I was driving down one of the local roads on a weekend.  It was on someones driveway during a garage sale and they were selling it for $5. What a great deal. I figured if it lasted a few months then it was totally worth it.  So, I brought it home.  Bryn was too big for it, Caleb was perfect size and I think Esther was JUST learning how to walk. 
Well, my kids have played in it forever and forever.  I got my $5 worth and beyond. They have gone in and out of it, on top of it...I think the dogs have gone in it and Matt used to tie a rope to it and pull the kids a 100 mph down the driveway in it.  FUN, FUN, FUN...all the time.  All the cousins have rode in has been a ball of fun forever around here.  The last year it has had less use because my kids were getting older....but we kept it around for visiting friends and family. 
So, it kind of made me sad to give it away yesterday.  This little "red" car is such a symbol of their childhood.  But I gave it to my mother-in-law so the other grand babies can use it.  I hope it lasts a little bit longer.  Such sweet we get ready to move from our house a lot of those memories have come up.  A few have brought tears...some laughter...some pain...but it's all good.  Those memories are part of what makes ME.  So, I take all of those moments and move on to the next season of my life.  Even without the little "red" car :(

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bring It On!!!

Monday Ramblings

Sitting here at the table with the kids. They are busy with their school work. Esther is already done with her work, and she is now taking up her 30 minutes on the computer. Judah is watching a little television, after a busy time with his work. We have come a long way since last Monday and our crazy first day of school...haha. He told me today that he likes school. One point for my court, right? The other three are by me...Caleb on math, William on phonics and Bryn on vocab. She starts her algebra II course today, and I don't think she is looking forward to it. Math isn't her favorite, but that's okay. She will do a great job anyway.
It's raining like crazy right now. Hurricane Isaac is passing Florida by right now and we are getting all the Eastern rain bands. So, it's an inside kind of day. I only was able to run 1.28 out of 2 miles this morning because of the rain. Almost half way there and the skies opened up...which actually felt nice. It was so humid out that it actually cooled me off. Even though I didn't get to do my long run, I will get to do Zumba tonight...which I am looking forward to. I started with this class last Monday and I love it.  I am always trying to step up my workout...and zumba is it for now. I think I did really well, but it will take some time to get to know the steps. And I love working out twice in a day...just gives that extra push to my body.
We spent the whole weekend packing the house. We are about 95% done...and the rest is stuff we need this week. It has been crazy packing a house for seven people. We sold so many things and donated so much more. And that isn't including the garbage we had. I think we got rid of 1/4 of our belongings. Insane! It actually feels good to get rid of stuff. So, we move on Saturday. I am excited, but at the same time very sad. A season is ending and another begins. Still keeping my eye on the Lord...he knows what to do next. What's keeping you busy this Monday morning? Have a great one!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Five Miles!!!!

Here I am yesterday morning...sweating my butt off.  You can actually see the sweat on my forehead (should have checked that before snapping the picture, he he).  I did my longest run yesterday morning...5 miles!!! Can you believe it? It's been an incredible journey...check out how I started this process just 5 months ago. When I finished my 5k training in May I decided to continue on and train for the 10k (might as well right?).  I am not the biggest lover of running, but I do like it. And most of all I love what it has done to my body.  I am losing weight tremendously fast because of it!  And anything to make my heart healthy and good is awesome!
When I started yesterday I wasn't sure how far I was going to go.  It was a beautiful morning on the Riverside and I wanted to go 5 miles, but I wasn't sure how my hip would feel.  When I ran on Tuesday, it really bothered me.  I hadn't been icing my lower back as often as I should and I didn't get adjusted by the chiropractor the Friday before.  I guess the place of least resistance on my body is my lower back...which moves into my hip.  Anyway, I had been icing it like crazy all week, so when I set off yesterday I felt good.  No little kink in it.  Which made me happy.  So, I set out with doing 5 miles and keeping my running consistently up.  It was a beautiful run.  I just felt good the whole time.  Right at the end I was getting tired, but kept going.  And that last half a mile my calf was burning...but that's okay.  It just felt awesome to go that far. When I finished I felt like I went to the moon.  I was so excited. When I started running at the very end of March I could barely do 60 seconds of consecutive running.  And now I am doing 5 miles straight!!! I am so humbled by the Lord.  This has just been the most amazing journey for me...which is really just getting started.  Who knows where the Lord will take this.  Thanks for keeping up with me on this...Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Our sweet pug, Mia, had to have surgery on her leg yesterday (to correct another surgery) we were without our beloved dog for a day.  We missed her. Well, yesterday Judah tagged along and we went to pick her up. The vet was swamped, so we had plenty of time to fill.  We played multiple games of  I-Spy and Rock, Paper, Scissors.  And then the camera was brought out.  He took some pictures and so did I.  It was a fun few minutes.  Just Judah and I together.  The following pictures are from our time together.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Peek into the Real World of the First Day

After 11 years of homeschooling, we have had many first days. First day with one kid and as of yesterday our first day with five kids. I have so many memories of first days...the air was crisp, the leaves were ready to change and I was wearing a light jacket to school (haha, obviously I was not in Florida).  New pencils, back pack and lunch box. It makes a smile come to my face, like so many others.
Well, as you can tell by my post yesterday, it was our youngest child's first day.  He has watched for the last five years watch all the other kids sit down nice and orderly and do their schoolwork.  Yes, there were crazy days...loud days...quiet days...but yesterday was one for the record books. 
Judah started his day with so much anticipation.  He was nervous, excited...totally overloaded.  He finally hit the spot that everyone talked about.  He was finally a Kindergartener!!! Woohoo! It was a status that everyone talked about, and now he was there.  He kept on asking while we were getting ready yesterday if it was time for kindergarten yet.  He was so cute.  Finally. around 8:30 we all prayed together and then did a spontaneous version of ring around the rosie (you have to do that when you are all holding hands, right?).  Next, we sat down and talked over some rules again and then began our reading.  That's when it started.  He said the first "no." No he was not going to do this, no he wasn't going to do that.  He didn't want to sit there, here or anywhere.  He didn't want to do two pages, he wanted to do one page.  He was full steam ahead at this point.  He wanted to watch t.v., he wanted to play the wii...when was this going to be over?  A few tears here and there and lots of "no." 
And what did I do?  As a seasoned homeschooler...I laughed.  Not in front of him.  But I know that this too shall pass (just to mention, none of my other kids have ever done this...but he is the strongest, most stubborn of our children).  My favorite point was when he got off the bench and left the building...he just walked outside (thankfully, we live on 3 acres) and walked down the driveway.  I just looked at one of the kids and said, "did he just leave?" I know, just laugh out loud now!!! He came back in a minute and somehow we managed to get his work done (not that there was a lot).  Right at the end, he was coloring so nicely at the table and I noticed he was coloring his page blue.  I told him that the letter and the indian feathers were supposed to be red...and without missing a beat nor did he look up, he said, "I don't want it red I want it blue!" Oh my!
It was a comical morning.  We did end our day with our favorite book, a little craft and some baking.  That was the best part of the day.  Yes, I was tired by the end of the night.  And I know that if I was a new homeschooler I would have thought that I couldn't handle my child and they should be in school.  But I know that each child reacts to these new situations different every time.  It would all come together.
And today, he did a beautiful job.  He got all his work done and listened to all his reading.  He is a stubborn boy, but with a lot of potential.  I love him for it.  And I told Matt that I only have 2339 days until I am done :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

So today was the day.  After a fantastic summer, we are back to the books. And today is the day when our little caboose started kindergarten.  So sweet and sad at the same time.  Can't believe he is old enough to be adding, subtracting and reading.  Wasn't he just crawling around on our floor?  Okay, I will stop now before the tears flow.  Here he is so proud this morning with his Math book.
 I have a little tradition around here...we make the first day of kindergarten special by reading the "kissing hand" book, doing a craft and baking cookies from our hand prints (with yummy chocolate in the middle).  It's so sweet...they love it...and I love making that first day so special.
I decided to jump in the picture this morning.  Here is the whole Reynolds Nation gearing up for a day full of learning, fun and love.  Love this family!!! Expecting a great year.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Comes to a Close

Phew! Can you believe it? Can you believe summer is over?  This time tomorrow morning we will be hitting the books and starting our 11th year homeschooling. Incredible. How does time go by so fast? I was telling Matt yesterday that I think this summer was the fastest ever.  It went by in a blink. So, I snapped this picture of all my kiddos at the place they spent the most time at this summer...the place they love so much.  Even so, I am excited about this upcoming school year. It's going to be full of knights, and kings and queens.  We are headed to the Middle Ages...I am so excited.  So, I hope your summer was as good as mine.  If not, don't live in regret and make the next season even better.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Moments of Frustration

I was a bit frustrated this morning with my running.  Well, more like I was frustrated before my run.  I was back and forth on where I wanted to run.  I didn't really want to run.  I wanted to stay in bed instead.  But that's not how the pounds come off.  And I have a 10k that I am training for...and you can't do that in bed.  Overall, I was just frustrated because I am so slow.  I know that I am slower because of my weight.  The more you have to carry, the slower you move.  And I know that I am much faster than I was just a few months ago.  I just need to pick up the pace. 
So, after all my moments of frustration, I decided to do a short run..only 2 miles this morning.  But with the intent to pick up my speed.  Which went really well. I dropped my average pace almost another 1/2 a minute...which was really good.  Yes, I need to get so much faster.  But after the short burst this morning, I felt like it was more of a reality.  And as I was finishing up I turned the corner and saw this in the sky.  So breathtaking.  And on my I-pod, the song was singing how He overwhelms me and that He was the air that I breathe.  Perfect ending for my Friday run. I needed that.  Doesn't He always know just what we need and when we need it? Hope your Friday is as good as mine started :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Embrace The Camera

I had William snap a picture of me this morning.  I checked the camera to see if I have any latest pictures of me...and there were none. We have been so busy with moving lately that I haven't taken pictures of much.  So, I had William take this's a first he has done of me and I think he did a pretty good job.

 And before he could walk away I snapped this of the two of us.  Isn't he tan? He got incredibly tan this summer from all the swim and beach time.  Gosh, he is handsome.

 I wanted to include this.  Doesn't my husband look handsome? Last night we were lounging in bed and I took this.  I think he looks incredibly attractive (I guess I should)...but this picture really brings out how lovely he really is.
And I had to put this one in.  Esther was upstairs with us last night and she was hiding from Bryn.  She didn't want her sister to know where she was.  She kept on telling Matt to make her look like a pillow, so if Bryn came up she wouldn't see her.  So cute. Such sweet memories.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Tale of the Bagel

Yummy! Oh yes! You have to love a bagel.  They are the perfect breakfast treat.  If you toast them just right and then put on your favorite topping...ooohhh, it! Well, as you may know I have changed my whole life when it comes to eating.  I had to so I could SAVE my life.  My eating was killing me.  So now I eat whole foods, barely anything processed and lots of RAW! 
A week or so ago I saw a bagel at the bakery at our local grocery store and it made my mouth water.  It looked so good.  And at this point of my change of lifestyle I don't usually crave too much.  But this looked so good.  But as normal, I walked away.  I rarely eat any white flour.  It does nothing good for me.  Over the course of the next few days I thought about bagels.  I was really craving it now.  And with my new food lifestyle I don't believe that anything is off limits.  You just have to do everything in moderation.  And since I don't normally eat stuff like this, it is definitely a treat. 

So on Saturday we were headed to our last swim meet with the kids and as a special treat we were getting donuts for the kids for the meet.  They were so excited!  So, I told my lovely husband to pick up a poppy seed bagel (my favorite) for me.  I was having a serious TREAT!  He brought it to me pool side and I put on a very light layer of cream cheese on it.  It looked so good.  Oh my goodness! Make your mouth water.  It was toasted perfectly.  Well...

It really didn't taste that great...:( Can you believe it?  It was bland and not very good.  I actually only ate half of the bagel and put the rest in my bag (which was later munched on by my Judah).  It was not worth the time, or the calories.  My taste buds have changed so much.  I just don't eat the same anymore. And it feels good to say that.  I am glad I tried it.  I don't want to walk around feeling like I am deprived.  But it's nice to know that I am a different person.  I would rather have had a fresh, crisp cold piece of fruit.  Awesome! How are you doing with your food choices later? Anything new?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Seasons of Change

Things are changing around here at the Reynolds Nation. Big change.  New Season.  Phew, it's so hard to even say it.  Well, we are moving.  After living on our small farm for the past 10 years we are moving.  Wow! I can't believe it.  I am so excited and so reluctant at the same time.  But a new season is on the horizon.  We have felt it for so long.  For the past two years this new season has been beckoning.  And this step of moving is just the beginning. So...lots of changes going on right now.  Packing boxes...getting rid of a ton of stuff.  The best part of moving is that you can stream line your house.  That part feels good.  Of course I feel a bit teary eyed when I think of leaving my little red house.  But my heart is excited too.  So, excuse the dust and sporadic writing around here...things are on the move.  Less than 3 weeks to go :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Running update

This morning I had an awesome run.  A little over a month ago I injured my leg.  I guess from not warming up properly before my run...that's the best answer I could come up with.  So, I took two full weeks off of running (which totally killed me) and just cross-trained at the gym.  I never knew how addicted I came to running until I couldn't run.  After the two weeks I was able to go back to running...but I started out slow.  The first day I just ran a mile to see how my leg felt and how it would respond afterwards.  After feeling great I went back to my three day a week running schedule with an increase each time of 1/2 mile.  Each time it felt great.  My leg felt better than ever.  So, this morning I finally hit the 4.2 miles that I was running when I hurt my leg.  The best part is that I did it with a decrease in my average pace by 1.10 minutes.  I felt it the whole way.  I knew I was going so much faster.  The worst part is that I have had to start running later in the morning because it is so dark outside and the sun was beating down on me.  It was hot.  I was so sweaty when I got home.  But I felt awesome.  It was a true runners high.  So, after about 40 ounces of water and a bowl of blueberries I felt even better.  Happy Friday everyone.  Have a great weekend!

Swim Team

I had to post this morning about Bryn making the swim team yesterday.  After working all summer long and recovering from an injury to her shoulder..she made our local team yesterday.  She was able to complete the 100m butterfly under the required time.  Of course this was a major hurdle to beat, but now she has 6 days a week of practice (2.5 hours each day) ahead of her until mid-fall.  And lots of time for me picking up at the pool and watching meets.  Swim team for William and Esther ends tomorrow (with their last meet) and Bryn's time picks up now.  I need to start logging how many days I sit by the!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


You know when you have those kind of days where you feel really productive...and you get all the stuff you want done...DONE! Well, today was one of those days.  I just got a lot of stuff completed.  I was on a roll...and nothing (like kids wrestling, slapping each other, or any other "normal" major catastrophe) was going to stop me!!!
School is less than two weeks away and I pushed my prep time off enough! I really like to enjoy my summer with my know beach, movies, pool, beach, swim team, beach and all that fun kind of stuff.  And the last thing I want to do is think about lesson plans and books.  So, I simply just don't :)  I enjoy my summer (which is why I have barely been posting).  I enjoy every moment with my kids.  But the time came for me to crack open the boxes of curriculum and work.  And so I did.  I opened..I separated...I looked over and restacked.  And after a very long time downloading my Tapestry of Grace Curriculum, I was a printing machine today.  I printed out 9 weeks worth of assignments.  The printer was just rolling...and I was punching holes, and stapling away.  It was great.  Next thing I knew, I had all my folders filled and ready.  How awesome.  And while I did this, I did four loads of laundry and somehow managed six children (one extra today).
And now we are just hanging out (yes, the washer/dryer are still going) and relaxing.  What a fantastic day.  Nothing special.  Just a lot of production.  That's my kind of day.

Monday, August 6, 2012


I thought I would post this husband and I heard it last night and he posted it to his facebook.  I thought it was so funny! Since my life is filled with working out...and I love my workout more in the end than in this is entirely appropriate at this stage in my life! Enjoy!