Sixteenth Year

Who knew...16 years ago this journey would look like this? Sixteen years ago these kids weren't even Our oldest actually took the picture, as she was on her way to class at college. Now, truth be told...this picture took several times to take. No, we weren't waiting for any babies to smile...just for my youngest, yes my 10 year old, to get himself together. He still has a funky look on his face, but  I will take it. Not everyone is happy all the time. And one day we will laugh at this picture and all of Judah's antics.  These treasures have made this journey incredibly difficult, but it's been worth every step. I am so blessed to be their mom. And glad that I get to be their mom. Blessings on this next year!

So...Now What??

I am back to this blog. I switched over a year ago and I didn't like it too much. So, I am back here. I am wanting and needing to write again. I am heading into a different season with my kids...they are getting bigger by the minute and they don't need me as much. I am not sure how to walk this out. It's a strange place to be. So, what's next? I am not sure, honestly. This has been one of the hardest years of my life. Losing my mom this past October has shaken me to the core...and I am such a different person. I am trying to find my place, and see what is next. The season is changing, but just not sure where I am going. Hold on tight!!!!

How You Do I do it??? Keeping My House Clean.

Keeping the house clean... The struggle is real and true...and many of us don't know how to get out of the vicious cycle. I understand. I have been there. I have five kids going in 5 different directions. I know. I so know what it feels like to get one area cleaned to turn around and see another disaster.

So, how do you conquer this?  Ok, Ok, you can't get rid of the kids...or in some cases, your husband. Yes, I said it. Sometimes, it may be your other half. Even if it is, what can you do?  I have walked through this struggle. And to be honest ladies, it's really not a struggle for me. Ninety-nine percent of the time my house is company-ready. I like it to look nice, just in case somebody stops by. I never want to be embarrassed. But at the same time I am not a slave to my house. I have found that the more organized I have become the more time and spontanaiety I have in my life. Order can be a freeing thing. And yes, when the kids are younger it is harder. It just requires…

My Doula World

Three years ago I decided to take the classes to become certified as a Doula. I had been an Lactation Counselor for 7 years, and my kids were getting older, so I decided it was time to pursue this dream of mine.  What exactly is a doula? Most people don't know what it is. They think I am a midwife and I get to catch babies. That would be awesome...but a bit scary for me. The true definition of a doula is: a woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born. That's it. Plain and simple. I don't do anything medical...I don't catch babies...but it is one of the most amazing jobs ever, ever, ever.  I get to support a mom emotionally, mentally, physically while she goes through one of the most challenging times of her life. I breathe with her...through every contraction. I move her around to better positions in different parts of the labor. I talk to her and tell her she is doing such a good  job…

Amazing Moments as a Doula

It seems that I have been going to births for most of my adult life. The first birth I ever was at was for my niece Brianna, and that was 22 years ago. I was 18 years old and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Little did I know at that tender age that I would be attending births as a a careeer.
There are so many moments that you experience as a doula. There are so many highs and lows. And there are so many hours that you are there. Many moments of laughter, maybe tears, tense decisions and talking. The first moment that I always think of is when you get that first phone call. It seems like they are always in the middle of the night. The jolt from bed you get when you hear your phone ring. It startles me. You are expecting the call any day, but somehow you didn't think it would be that night.  And then the adrenaline rush comes in.  Usually my doula bag is packed, a shower is a must (never too sure when you will get another one), and I usually talk wi…


Hey guys...sorry for another break. But I was working on a new site. So, if you are a reader, head over to my new I will no longer be writing, follow me on over. Woohoo! Allison

Took Time Off

Wow, it's been almost a year. I can't believe that I took that much time off of my blog. I disappeared into the night. I guess, I was living a lot more life and not documenting it. But I keep on getting this itch from the Lord to pick it up again. And the itch hasn't been going away. So here I am. Here is the last year in a nutshell, in no particular order.

1. Obviously you know we moved to NC.

2. Finished our 13th year of homeschooling.

3. Bryn graduated from high school…so proud.

4. Working with the youth in our church.

5. We love our church.

6. William may invent the next greatest invention ever…man, that boy's brain works on overdrive.

7. Esther is in pure teen status…oh my!

8. Was a doula in my first NC birth.

9. Our kids got to play in lots of snow and ice.

10. Apple Cider donuts are the best thing ever invented.

11. I still pinch myself all the time…how did I get to live here?

12. The mountains are still glorious to look at.

13.  My family got to see their first…