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And Where Did January Go?

I can't believe that today is the last day of January. It seems as though a moment ago I was looking at the Christmas tree up in the living room and we were still talking about the festivities of the holiday season. And now, we are rolling right into February. Time sure does go by so fast...if you are having fun or not! Not much to talk about today. Yes, I do have a million things going on...a garden on it's way, science fair project, new sheep, cold temps, MRI to be scheduled, dentist appointments, braces taken off, homeschooling 4 kids, tons of laundry...and so on and so on! The days are full...but I am in this weird mode now spiritually. We have so much going on that we can't see clearly what God wants to do or say. Not saying that we are over busy...there is just so much going on that we can't avoid...but we are still trying to see what the Lord wants to do. So, if I am not blogging a lot, just keep me in prayer. I am excited to see what God is going to do.

Sitting here...

I am sitting here in the children's recovery room in Tampa Florida. My sweet baby Judah is in the bed, watching Bob the Builder. It has been a busy few days, getting ready for Judah's heart cath. It was performed this morning by an amazing, very experienced doctor. She was so gentle yesterday at the pre-op appointment...she drew pictures out so we understood what was going on and was so thorough in answering all of our questions. Now, after a very stressful day we are preparing to leave. And what we expected to be an answer from today's procedure is not what we received. They found out that his malformation is in different place and it affects the lumbar artery...which is a whole different ball game. So, now we wait for another MRI and some answers from different doctors. Life is such a weird game...never know what to expect and will you go into additional innings. But we still continue to stand in our faith...nothing is going to bring that down. My God is still on the thr

Blast from the past!

I thought I would post this picture of Matt, standing by the fence, about 16 years ago at a friends house. A bit younger, a bit thinner, with longer hair, but not as handsome as he is today.

Outside...of course!

I had to post some pictures of the kids outside. Due to the terrific, cold weather my kids have been outside (these pictures were taken right before the deep freeze of the past two weeks)...we have taken advantage of the beautiful weather. We have raked the entire pasture, fixed one of the fences on the other pasture, cleared all the brush next to the pasture fence, cleared our area for the new garden and have raked almost the rest of the property that we use! Busy, busy! It has been great and very fruitful. The cold temps don't slow us down, they give us energy. So, we hope to finish up the garden this week, with an expected bonfire on Friday for the Drama Team! We have enough from cut up trees to have several bonfires! Those of us who live in the south ( I refuse to call myself a Floridian) enjoy the cool weather and head to the beach in the hot weather!

Sleet and Ice in Florida???

I can't go by without talking about the crazy temperatures that we have been having here in Florida. In the 20 years that I have lived here, I have never seen it like this. Sure, we have freezing nights, frosty yards...but never 2 weeks worth of temps in the 50's for the highs. We have not seen the 60's in two weeks! The lowest temp that I know about at my house is 26 degrees. We had days where the sun didn't come out, and others where the skies were totally blue and you never would have guessed the temperature. And then this past Saturday, our high actually only hit 37 degrees (never seen that before here) and we had sleet and some had snow flakes. We actually had sleet all morning, and I have never seen that either here in Florida. Of course we have loved every minute of it...the Northerner in me will never die. But the plants are a bit wilted and I am tired of wearing the same warm clothes every day...not quite prepared in the wardrobe department. So, here

Weird Place

I have been avoiding my blog. For no apparent reason. I have a million things to talk about...we did have a wonderful Christmas and a joyful new year...I could talk about all the presents that were under the tree...or the multiple bonfires and parties we have had...I would love to post some pictures, but my husband downloaded them on to his account on accident, so I will see what I can do about that. The last few weeks have gone by so fast, just like the rest of the year did. As of 12/31/09 I no longer work for the Volusia County Health Department...what a huge change in my life. For the past 4.5 half years I have worked from home, serving women who need help with their breastfeeding. Now, I am back to just a stay at home mom...which I say with the utmost respect. I am entering a new season with the Lord...and my eye is on him. We don't know what exactly he is doing. It is a place of transition. A place of the unknown. We see him hinting at several things...we don't know how f