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The Mommy List

I am finally writing my summer list...a bit late, but it is getting done. I am hoping to get all this done this summer...but we will see!

1. The whole downstairs painted
2. The school closet cleaned out and sorted
3. My personal closet cleaned out...old clothes put away and room made in closet
4. Scrapbooks worked on
5. Kids closets cleaned out
6. Floors redone
7. House painted outside
8. Curriculum purchased
9. Side yard cleared out and cleaned our for a garden
10. Herb garden ready next to house

This is all for now...if I can come up with more later I will write about it.

Sleepy Sunday

We had an amazing girls night on Friday night. My best friend Jessica rented a condo so we could have girl time and send off another friend who is moving to Georgia. It was a memorable night...sushi to eat, swimming, hot tub time, manicures, pedicures, movies and lots of talk time. It is wonderful to get together and see where everybody is at...mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Since I only see a few of these moms a couple of times a year it is a good time to catch up. But of course, I am running on lack of sleep...and today I left Bryn and Matt at church for their Camp Revamp time with the junior youth (the afterwards). So, I am home alone with the four youngest...and I am tired. So, not much going on the next day or so. Early night tonight and then a slow day tomorrow. Have a great week...will be back to give you updates on life!

A Day in the Sun

I thought I would post a few pictures of some of the kids from today at the beach. I only have three because my friend let me use my camera to snap them on the boogie boards since I forgot my camera. We went to New Smyrna Beach this morning with a whole group of friends...and we had a blast. Lots of kids, boogie boards, food and a bit of shade from a bunch of umbrellas. Caleb and Esther finally starting using the boogie board and loved it...they barely came out of the water. Bryn was riding the waves with her Aunt Charity...I hung out mostly on the sand, but I did get a great dip in the perfect temperature water. Judah, on the other hand still doesn't like the water and preferred to dig in the sand. Today was one of those days where you love living in Florida. I told my best friend, Jessica (while we were sitting at the edge of the water), "where else can you entertain your kids for free and have a great time?" We feel tired this afternoon, but I loved every mom…

Just one of those good days...

Today was one of those days where we took some time out to do nothing. It is such a nice feeling! Nothing planned on the agenda, no where to go, and no appointments. With five children and a part time job, it is hard to have days like that. The rest of the week is packed, so it is good to throw a day like today in.

I would love to say that we slept in and had a easy breakfast, but let's be honest, I have five kids...they don't let you sleep in. Judah was thumping his feet at 6:30 and William called me not longer after that. Now I must admit, I haven't been on the couch all day either. Esther, Caleb and I worked on phonics and did some reading...trying to keep up from all of our progress throughout the year. I picked out an old movie for them to watch and I made some phone calls for work. I talked to my dearest friend for over an hour...which is so refreshing...and I did three loads of laundry, hung them up and put away in the dresser. Then I went through all of our movies a…

He Always Wows Me!

I have to take a moment today to say something about my dear husband, Matthew, on this Father's Day! Only 33 years old, and father to our five children. Since the day he became a father that March evening in 1997, he has gone above and beyond in the role of father. It truly is his highest calling and he has excelled in it. Many a morning he has woken them up to drive to the ocean and see the sun rise...he takes them on shopping dates and trips for donuts and a hot chocolate...he roughs it in freezing cold temps to camp with his boys...he plays loud music in the house while he "swing" dances with them...he snuggles on the couch watching a movie... he is always an open ear to them... and he loves their mother, cherishes her and gives her frequent breaks! Because of all the things that he does, he is building relationships with them that will last their lifetime. He is choosing to make fatherhood a top priority in his life. He doesn't miss important steps in their life...…

For Papa and Omi

Proud to be Loud!
Here he is with the bag of candy didn't last long! Melted or not, here I come!!!

Here he is with the box that you sent. He was dancing around and we couldn't get him to sit still. Until we stared to pull everything out.

Holding on to Promises

We took this picture outside on the balcony at the hotel we stayed it. It was a beautiful stretched all the way across the sky. This picture does not do it justice. Rainbows are special to me...special to my whole family. Whenever I see a rainbow I think of my Nana. It is my connection to her. So, as I went through some photos today, I wanted to post this. It says that there are promises from the Lord and he will bring them to pass. My trust is in him, even in the midst of trial. The funny thing is that the rainbow is right in the middle of the storm from that day. There is hope even in the storm. I say yes and amen!

My Journey

Many of you don't know about the journey that I am on right now. Starting in the second week of April I started the Weight Watchers plan for weight loss. I literally decided to do it one day. I was unable to go to the meetings, because of the cost, but had support around me. Several friends were on the same diet and Matt said that he would join me. And where am I right now...29 pounds lighter, many inches smaller and totally loving life. It has been the easiest change of lifestyle that I have ever done. I am totally dedicated and excited about all the changes. I have gone down two sizes in clothes and inching in the right direction. The past two weeks I have had slower loss, but that's because I started working out. I feel more energized, ready for each day. I am doing this for my future and for my kids...and most of all I am doing this for me! I will keep you posted as my progress continues!!!

Yeah, Yeah!!!

I guess I have to keep talking about my little, Chewy! He is such a delight, and this age can be awesome. If you don't get caught up in the "terrible twos" attitude then this time in a baby's life can be inspiring. His little world is so small, but it is opening up every day! His little face, all scrunched up brings joy to my heart. Well, little Judah this past week has been exploding with language. My boys have always been a bit slow with words, but like William, all of a sudden he is full of words. This past week or so he can say pool, movie, Grammy, and the best word of all Yeah!!! It is a major turn of events when they can say a form of yes. Now, if he wants something, he just says, "yeah!" It is so cute. I love this time. For the longest time he has just grunted, which doesn't help in the slightest when you are trying to figure something out. So, we have passed a major milestone...and I figure by the end of the summer he will be talking …

Summer Mode

Four little bugs in the tub! I am officially in full time summer mode! And I don't like it, lol. I feel so lazy and just want to hang out. I am getting my act together this week and going full speed ahead. Here are my little boys and Esther in the tub a week or so ago..will they hate these pictures one day?
He all of a sudden became photogenic! He loves to take his picture now...he crossed over when he turned two , I guess! His blond hair is real, just in case you want to know. And he is super sweet still!

This is an interesting look on his face. My boy William...full of himself all the time, but such a little lover. So, I need a bit of prompting to get it together. The next few weeks are going to be very busy. We are ripping our floors up and replacing them. All the walls have to be painted and the rest of the addition should be completed. I am also looking for my curriculum on ebay...trying to get good deals. Matt and I are at a place right now where we are trying t…

A Moment For My Special Boy!

What can I say about this special boy? This past weekend he celebrated his second birthday with us. The thought of him turning two made me so sad and I can not believe that the last two years went by so fast. Because I had so many changes in my life during his pregnancy, my 9 months carrying him were difficult. Since that happened, when he was born it was such a beautiful time. And since he was such a delightful baby, his presence in my life brought so much joy. He loves to laugh...he has learned to skip, so he does that across the house...he loves to be outside, so he insists to wear shoes every morning, just in case he can go outside...and he can throw a ball like a pro. When he says "mama," it makes my heart melt. I feel honored from the Lord that he allowed us to raise him. Here are a few shots from the past couple of days.
He finally will smile for the camera...he shouts out "cheese" when you point it at him. Yes, he does have blond hair and the lig…

Home Again, Home Again

We are home again...after a few days in a hotel in Daytona. Matt ripped up the floors that were bad in the girls room and we are back. It was a relaxing weekend hanging by the pool and watching the kids romp. It was also a good time to talk and enjoy each other. So, I feel totally refreshed and ready for the summer. School is finished and I am ready to get some things done this summer. So my goal the next week is to make a list of things that I want to get done this summer. Last year I cleaned out all my closets and organized every corner in the house...of course 9 months later it needs to be redone. So by the end of the week I will have a list for you...keep me accountable, so that I don't spend my entire summer loafing about. How about you? What do you have planned for the summer?