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The First Full Day

So, today was the first full day without Matt here. He arrived in Bolivia first thing this morning and I have already got a dozen text messages and three videos sent over on twitter. In the video he was still wearing the clothes he wore yesterday, so it was funny to see him on the other side of the planet in the same clothes as yesterday. He said he hadn't slept in 30 hours ( he doesn't sleep on planes)...but he was good. We miss him already! I missed him not walking in the door tonight at five...Judah keeps on saying that he is in the sweet from a two year old who doesn't know what is going on. So the kids were super busy today...I went shopping for our church shower this morning for my sister-in-law...I worked, hung out...didn't do anything too productive. But I am really tired. My kids are not in their normal routine and it shows. And neither is their mommy. We have 8 more days...some of those days are already planned out...some are slow here in th…


This is what we do to stay happy on a Hot (I mean really HOT) summer day in Florida....Beach, Beach, Beach!!! Here is Will leading Brenna through the sand. Isn't William adorable!

Wordless Wednesday


A Few More

So, to give you an update about myself...I am down 37 pounds since the beginning of April. Slowed down there for a few weeks but then lost a few more that past week. I am feeling really good and the new clothes are fun to wear. And I mean new as in the clothes that are hanging in my closet that I couldn't wear but now can. Very motivated to move on!

Far Away

This morning at five thirty my dear husband headed out for his three day trip to Washington D.C. He was so excited. Plans on doing some touring...of course in such a historic city...and then to a rally and meetings with congress over the health care reform. In my husband's business they are very anti-government coverage...due to the fact that it will kill their business! So, Blue Cross was sending a variety of agents up. He has already sent a whole bunch of pictures over from his phone...he looks like he is having fun. But we miss him around here...only moments ago he should have been walking in the door from a day of work. I guess we should live by, absence makes the heart grow fonder! Selah


Matt and I have found that our life lately has been going full speed ahead. We have been out of the house every single night this week...either for work or church related items...sometimes together and sometimes apart. And anticipating Matt going to DC this week for three days and then off to Bolivia for nine days the week after...we made today a SELAH kind of day. For those of you who don't know, you find Selah in the bible when there is a pause. So we did exactly that. We were up early...made fresh, homemade biscuits for the family, ate our yummy eggs with some sausage for breakfast...and then we were outside. Our lawn mower broke over 10 days ago and we just got it back from the repair man. Now imagine, some of my grass at this point is knee high and I am not joking. So, Matt spent four hours just mowing and weed eating! So much had to get done, but of course it looks great. The kids and I cleaned up around the shed and picked up sticks around the yard...we proceeded to burn tw…

I Will Leave The Light On...

Yes, we have power! I know, some of you may be wondering what I am talking about...but we had electricity hooked up to our addition today. All of the wires have been in, but today they hooked it to the main breaker and put up all the lights. There is a fan and outside's so glorious and so close to the end. So, perhaps if you drive by, look for a may be just for you!

My other half...

Though I have been married for over 13 years I truly felt the last few days is when I recognized how Matthew is my other half! Yes, I know that may sound funny. We don't normally spend time apart...only a few short days over the past 13 years. It is during these times when they are gone is when you see how pivotal they are in your daily life. Matt went up to New York with my brother yesterday, unexpectedly, to help him out. Matt went out of the goodness of his heart and from the pastor that God established in him. He loves people so much and so easily and readily serves others.
Over the course of the night I tossed and turned because I missed him so much. I was worried about him driving such a long way in the night without any sleep. I wasn't exactly fearful, but he wasn't by my side. I am such an independent person, but God has over the years slowly been cracking and chipping away at the independence. Not saying that independence is bad, but there is a beauty in our depend…