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Insulation and a bit of paint

We started really early yesterday morning...we were out there a few minutes after eight, which is hard to do on a Saturday morning. We were hoping to enjoy a few minutes of the cool weather that we have been experiencing in the mornings. After Matt got out there to set up he decided to have Bryn help him instead of me since all he needed was someone to hand him things and assist. So, rather than waste the morning, I decided to start painting. So while they worked inside, I painted two of the outside walls. The color is a beautiful barn red...I never thought I would have a red house, but it looks just like a barn which is nice out here in the woods. So, Matt and Bryn finished all the walls by the late afternoon. All that is left is the ceiling..which will be hard since the ceilings are so high.
Because we were so productive...we treated to the kids to ice cream at DQ's..and then we decided to ride to the beach and splash around. By the end of the hour we were there we were a…

Gratitude Friday

It has been awhile since my last gratitude Friday. I have a lot to be grateful about and love in my life. God is so awesome and consistent!

1. Most of all, I am so glad that I am not sick anymore. That was the worst I have ever been sick since I was a kid. I will walk in health.

2. I am enjoying the warm weather with the kids...not too humid yet, but enjoyable. Ready to go swimming.

3. I love my husband so faithful, calm, dependable, and even when he may be having a rough time he still thinks of me.

4. I am grateful for the new addition that is being built...the insulation is going in tomorrow...not much longer now.

5. For my faithful to know my needs before I know life is to worship Him.

I have Mom's night out tonight...looking forward to a rest. I will tell you about my insulation experience after tomorrow!

And a way we go....

Do you remember that saying from an episode I think of Woody Woodpecker? I just thought of Today was a wonderful day. Matt stayed home...after a stressful couple of weeks around here. It was nice. Not that we got anything important done, but it was relaxing. We got our new chicks yesterday from an order our friend made. They were quite beautiful and will be used for meat birds. The weather is unseasonably cool at night, so we lost two last they went back to my friend's house where she has better new chick facilities. So they will stay with her family until they get their feathers and then they will come back here. William kept on asking for them this morning and insisted that they could sleep in his bed.
This morning we got our shipment of drywall and insulation. Matt and I will be putting the insulation in this weekend...not too excited about it, but it has to be done. After that inspection we have just to finish everything in the inside off and…

Back in the saddle again...somewhat.

I am still here...lots to say and tell...but just trying to get my bearings straight. I have felt better for the past two days, but of course my house needs to get in I am trying to clean, do laundry, get massively involved with school again and hopefully work too! So, I promise to back in the next day or so. It is amazing what an infection will do to your body...come back soon!

Blown out!

You must excuse my absence! I missed blogging! But for the past 9 days I have battled a massive sinus infection. If you have had one before, then you must understand! I have had a pounding, pulsing head, pressure around my eyes, a fever and I am exhausted. By Sunday I was in the emergency room because I couldn't stand it anymore. I just thought it was a cold, but they knew that it wasn't the common cold. I hope to be back in a few days..lots of pictures of the family. But I just haven't had much energy to blog. My sweet girls Esther told me today, "we need to do school." They had there Spring Break this past week and this week I couldn't get it has hurt my head to keep it I hope to start again soon, but perhaps we will start fresh on Monday. So, I hope to see you soon. Pray for me as I am on the mend!

Gratitude Friday

What can I say about this week? It went so quickly I barely remember it...and I hate it when that happens. I don't want my life to blow by so quickly. Not much happened on this addition this week. We did have the air ducts put in and that is ready to we are waiting for the electrician...and then on to another inspection so Matt can put up the insulation. It truly is a step by step process. We are going to have a painting party on Sunday if you are interested, come on by! The Lord was awesome this week...he revealed something to Matt and I and now we are starting to walk it out. Matt also started working in Junior Youth (the Afterwards group) this is our heart to be where our kids are...I am active in the nurseries with our little kids...and now Matt is with Bryn. Thank you Lord for these great opportunities...So now we are getting everything ready for William's birthday bash for tomorrow..the weather is supposed to be gorgeous...isn&#…

For My William

What can I say about my man? Four years ago today he came into our lives...and changed our world. He was born at 1:03 in the morning, after a whole day of labor. I didn't want him to be born on April Fool's Day, so God took care of that and he was born one hour into the 2nd of April. William has changed us the most. He has been the child that has stretched us more than any other. He is forever running, jumping, dancing, climbing, yelling, moving and laughing. He is so loud, Matt suggested that we have his hearing We always have to stay one step ahead of him thought ahead. He is also the most sensitive of my have to be careful not to blast him...and it doesn't take much to discipline him. He loves to cuddle...he pats your back when he hugs you...and he is forever giving me his kisses. Yes, he may be the one child who gives us the most gray hairs, but he has still stolen my heart. Happy 4th Birthday baby boy...your mama lo…