Lazy Days...

Not sure if we ever fit this title, but it sounds good. I am posting a picture of Judah, with his adored Mia. We find Judah all the time hanging out with his special's sweet! Life is good...busy as usual. We completed our final inspection on the addition this week...though there is still work to do, we finished all that the state needs us to finish. So glad it is done. A bit weary from all the work that had to be done, and still be done...but we are so close. I will post pictures when it is complete. Matt is incredibly busy with his new job...his google calendar looks incredibly scary...he is still in the adjustment process, so pray for him! I am busy with school, church and everything in between...with thoughts about the upcoming holidays and what to prepare for that time. I am heading out for the night with my best friend Jessica...a bit of a ladies night! Needed badly by this mommy! More updates later. Have a great Sunday!


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