Time Away

Well, I am back. Not that I went very far.  Actually, I didn't go anywhere these past few months (not including my NY trip that I referenced in the last post). When I got back from my trip I had full intentions to write again. And then a few days went by. Then a few weeks went by. And then every Monday I had great plans to write that day. And it didn't happen. I think I just needed a break. It's really my first break from the blog.
Not much has happened. Just in the middle of another busy summer of sun, water and fun. School has been out for almost 6 weeks...we are just about at the half way point. I only have three more weeks before I start planning my school year again. We are going on vacation in August and then when I get back I will be knee deep in planning. But for now, I am taking that much needed mental break.
So, see you again this week. I will post some pictures of the kids and what we have been up to.


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