Apple Festival

 I love this sign I saw as I walked down Main Street during our apple festival. What an awesome event it was. Streets lined up with booths of apple sellers....variety after variety. Apple Fritters...fried apple slushies...everything apple. It was so awesome. And thousands of residents and visitors enjoy this fantastic city. There was such a distinct flavor in the air...not just apple...but a feeling of community, common ground and fun. It was our first apple festival and it was fantastic.
We headed up to Jump Off Rock to try to catch the sunset. It was so majestic and we will do it again when it is a bit clearer outside. It makes you realize how small you are in this big world.
 My mom came up for the weekend on her first visit to North Carolina. Though it was a bit warm, everything went so perfectly. She enjoyed the apple festival, local sites, Shindig on the Green in Asheville, and even our local pool at the YMCA. I hadn't seen my mom in three months and it was so perfect. I relished every moment with her. I think the hardest part of living up here (and probably the only hard part) is being away from my family. I make up for it by talking to my parents often and enjoying the visits that will happen.  I hope you had an amazing Labor Day weekend. What were you up to???


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