Saturday Happenings

Happy Saturday to you!!!! It has been slow around the blog this week, but busy busy at my home here in Florida. The week before was one of the busiest I have ever seen. My mom had hip surgery on Wednesday and both of my moms that I was working with as their doula delivered two days apart from each other. Lack of sleep is not my favorite and I was struggling with that. I was at the hospital every day that week between the two moms and my own
Now things are slowing down. But this week I went out twice to help both of my new mommies with their new babies. And of course I have the two little ones that I watch during the week and all of my own kids. We started working with the civil war for school which is very exciting. The kids are enjoying the work already.
Its been raining a lot around here. I don't think we have seen the sun in days. Right now I can hear the rain coming down...and the temps are cool, at a nice 61 degrees. I love the temperatures but wish the rain would stop now. So, sorry for the took over for the week. Will be back...


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