Embrace The Camera

This is the first time that I am doing Embrace the Camera. Head over to one of my favorite blogs...www.andersonfamilycrew.blogspot.com...and check out her Embrace the Camera day. Her goal is to have a day where you just post pictures of YOU and your kids or anyone special in your life. I have found we have had whole days, outings, vacations where I don't appear in any pictures...so sad right? One day my kids will look back and wonder where I am...haha, behind the camera. Well, that's not good enough. So, here I am. Embracing the camera with my favorite people in the world.
After church on Sunday, Esther wanted to take a picture of all of us. This is an impromptu picture. I love these people.

After I wanted to snap a picture of one of my favorite people...my boy William. So sweet. I love this little man...toothless and all.
Thanks Emily, for continuing with the Embrace the Camera. I finally did it!


kate said…
Hi there, I linked up from Emily's embrace the camera. Your son is adorable! I love that you captured his missing teeth too! Thanks for sharing!
emily anderson said…
yah! good to see you :)

oh and p.s. i still haven't gotten our pottery--lame, i know :P
Michelle said…
I found that when I got a camera with a feature to see myself as I take the shot I started to take more of me- I am just the picture taker in the family so that works best; even though I do not like to see myself in pictures :(

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