Amazing Moments as a Doula

It seems that I have been going to births for most of my adult life. The first birth I ever was at was for my niece Brianna, and that was 22 years ago. I was 18 years old and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Little did I know at that tender age that I would be attending births as a a careeer.

There are so many moments that you experience as a doula. There are so many highs and lows. And there are so many hours that you are there. Many moments of laughter, maybe tears, tense decisions and talking. The first moment that I always think of is when you get that first phone call. It seems like they are always in the middle of the night. The jolt from bed you get when you hear your phone ring. It startles me. You are expecting the call any day, but somehow you didn't think it would be that night.  And then the adrenaline rush comes in.  Usually my doula bag is packed, a shower is a must (never too sure when you will get another one), and I usually talk with my husband about what he needs to do to step in for the next day. Doula husbands have it hard...lots of alone time with the family in many situations that they are not used to handling. And then off to the usually deserted streets. Funny thing is that I usually will remember a song from the radio...and every time I hear that song I think of that mom. There is a certain Adele song that always takes me back to driving the quiet streets of Daytona Beach to the hospital.

Another amazing moment is when that mom gets into her place...into her zone of conquering all fears and OWNING her birth. We go into each birth (may it be your first or your last) with certain expectations. And sometimes it just doesn't go like that. And that's ok.  There is that moment where they go into a zone of pulling out all their strength and perseverence and push through all obstacles in their way. I can see it on their face. They are usually quiet. They may be looking straight at my face, but I know they are no longer even looking at me. They are in the spot they need to be to deliver that beautiful baby.

And my favorite moment of all, is the actual moment that the baby pushes out and shows themselves. The mom has overcome every obstacle...she is the most powerful that she will ever be. It's amazing the strength that they can gather, that they didn't even know that they had. And to see the faces of the parents. I wish I could capture in a picture what I see. Pure joy and elation. It's the amazing moment. To hear those first cries from the baby. The voice that they waited to hear is there. All these moments in one makes it amazing and exhilirating to me. And there is always me...with tears in my eyes. I cry at every birth...I can never stop the tears from flowing. It's one of the sweetest moments that I get to share with another family. I am so blessed.

I feel so honored to be at these births with these families. They are hard, strength draining, tense...but even with all the emotions flowing, it is one of the most amazing places to be. And for those first few moments after the birth, I pray quietly for that baby. I pour God's  blessings over them. That they may be the person who God intended for them to be. That they may triumph over all the obstacles that will come their way. And may they always be loved and feel loved. That is my prayer. 


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