A Day With Nana

 Two of my boys were with their Nana for the day this weekend, and I thought I would post some pictures.  They looked so sweet and cute, so I had to put them up.  I love this one on the top when they went to get pumpkins.  One day they will be grown and the best of friends...
 This is a typical pose at our house...one trying to strangle the other...haha.  They are so sweet.
 Nana headed to Dunkin Donuts with them...their favorite hot spot.  They can eat some donuts.  I love  how Judah is looking at William
 Eating ice cream...they sure did a lot of eating.  The ice cream cones are huge! Looks yummy!
Now lounging in Nana's living room, watching Tom and Jerry.  They love their times there with Nana.  I know that I have some warm memories of me spending time with my Nana, so many years ago before she passed away.  It's all these lovely imprints that people make in our lives. So very important.  I appreciate the time my mother-in-law makes with them.  And we love the little break from the "energy" of our house.


Aleatha said…
You kids are so blessedto have a grandparent that wants to put time and energy into them :)

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