This has been one of the busiest weeks of my life. We have been on full speed ahead since last Friday. Every single night and day we were both busy with various things. So the past two days we did a lot of nothing. It was wonderful...fabulous...and desperately needed. Here's a low down of some of what we were up to...
Friday-School all day with kids, helped friend till late at night empty all her clothes out of her house to her new house...
Saturday-Moved friend from house one to house two all day....passed out at 8:30
Sunday-Church, took Bryn to Kohl's to use expiring coupon, two hours at home, made muffins, then off to friend's memorial service and reception...passed out at 9:30
Monday-School all day, make quiche for two pies, laundry, friend over to discuss garden co-op, then off to cell group at Pastor Fred and Phyllis' house...bed at 11:30
Tuesday-School in morning, twin goats (found at noon) born, took Caleb to doctor appointment, stopped at feed store, make pie crust for another quiche, have people by to buy new sheep (decided against it), went to quarterly homeschool meeting, back home then to friend's house to get fresh goat's milk, home again to supplement new goat, bed at 11:30
Wednesday-School in morning, bank, store, leave for church to open class, meeting after church for youth group, took forever, home at 10:30...
Thursday-School morning, small breakfast celebration for Bryn's 13th birthday, took five kids grocery shopping and to Walmart in preparation for Bryn's birthday party...went to bed early.
Friday-Cleaned house,made brownies, lemonade and assorted party stuff lunch, had 30 homeschool kids beginning to learn about gardening at house...mopped floors, decorate house, had 6 teenagers over for late night 13th birthday party...dozed off at midnight...
Saturday and Sunday- Rest...I think we deserve it!


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