Not sure what to update this morning. This week has been going incredibly fast. I can't believe that it is already Friday. Every afternoon has been consumed with outside work...working on the garden, taking care of the animals. We spent one whole afternoon scooping "poop" from our bunnies and goats to place in the compost pile. I have a ton of raking that needs to get done...the last of the spring leaves should be down, so I can get that taken care of. I made compost tea for the first is basically manure placed in a bag so it can seep in the water to make a "tea-like" liquid to pour over your plants. It supposedly is one of the best ways to organically fertilize, so I am hoping it turns out good. Of course, I got a lot of laughs about it, but that's okay. Today we meet here for the last of the garden co-op with the homeschool kids. It has been quite enjoyable to work with the kids in the dirt. I hope that it sparks interest in them to work on their own gardens at home.

In regards to the kid front, they are all good. They have of course loved all of our time outside. They have enjoyed this winter so much because of the great temperatures. They said on the radio that this was the coldest winters since 1748...and I believe it. We had some days that we didn't want to go outside because the highs for the days were in the 30's...not that cold, but not what we are prepared for in Florida. William is on the countdown to turn 5!!! I can't believe it...these past five years have gone so incredibly fast. I really feel like it was just yesterday he was in my sling. And now, he is preparing for kindergarten in the fall. Judah has been such a delight lately...a bit sassy in the two year old department that we are working on, but at the same time he is talking all the time now and if you could see some of the faces he makes. Whenever he gets mad he puts his hands on his hips or crosses them across his chest. Not sure where he learned that from, because Matt and I don't ever do that. He has a lot to complain about since he is the youngest of's hard to be the littlest one. Everyone else is good.

Life is good. Though we are pressing in our faith for a multitude of things, our trust is in the Lord. God is really working on me and revealing things to me that need to change. I am ready for some change in my continue to become the person that God wants.

Have a great weekend...I plan on it!
*I am posting a picture of my sweetheart, officer Judah


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