Teenage Years, Here We Come

Today is a special day in the Reynolds Nation. Our oldest child is turning 13!!! Unbelievable! How did this happen? She is still 2, right? Where did the time go? Seems like it was yesterday and she was sleeping peacefully in her bassinet. And now, our sweet baby has become a teenager!

She is spunky..tall...dark...and quite beautiful. She loves the Lord and is really coming into her own as a believer. She is the leader of the pack...the biggest helper here at the house...and loves on her younger siblings. Though many say the teenage years can be the worst time, we are proclaiming that they will be fun, full of exploration and with lots of expectation of what the Lord is doing. We are not the norm. We are not part of the mainstream. We declare that a teenager can be an awesome witness and example of a disciple of Christ. We love her so much and feel honored that the Lord gave her to us to raise. May we continue to do right in His eyes. Happy Birthday Bryn Elisabeth! You are a blessing!


nathan agrees- she is the best helper! (Wait for me bryn! i'm worth it!- love, natermuffin)

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