Oh My, Where have I been?

I feel like a blogging loser this past month. It has been incredibly busy and I haven't had much time on the computer. Please forgive me, and I hope to get rolling again with frequent updates.

I am posting the picture I took Monday morning on our first day of school, our tenth year of homeschooling. I feel like we just started yesterday, and now all my kids are zooming through the years. This is Bryn's first year in high school...aaaahhhh...she was just a babe and now she is almost done. Caleb and Esther are in third grade, William is in first grade and Judah has one more year before he officially starts school.

One of the biggest changes I made this year is to switch to a new curriculum....Tapestry of Grace. I still kept the same math, phonics and spelling..but the core of our learning is through TOG. The neatest and most exciting thing about this curriculum is that it allows all my kids to learn together. In our first year we are starting out in Ancient Egypt...so while my first grader is learning about the pyramids, mummies and Pharaohs, so is my high schooler. She will just be learning more in depth. I feel like this brings more unity in the group and makes it so much easier for me...rather than teaching the middle ages and early American history (which is what I did one year) at the exact same time. Keeps this mama's head on a bit straighter.

So, after saying all this...I must admit that I am tired. This curriculum is requiring more from me...more time...more organization...more prep work...and lots more energy. When I read the Yahoo forums, I see that everyone goes through this...so I am good. It is just a huge adjustment for me. But it also keeps me a little more accountable and bumps up the quality of education that I am giving my kids.

So, how was your kids first day of school? Have you started yet? Tell me your favorite part of beginning the school year?


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