One Week

It's almost been a whole week since I posted....haven't done that in awhile. I hate not posting...I know that is weird...but I feel like I am missing out on documenting my life. And I hate to keep you hanging too!
Not much really to post. Matt went to Jacksonville for four days this week for new agent training. He was trying to get new ideas on how to train the upcoming agents better. So, we were without him...which seemed way too long. My mom actually came to stay with us, to give me a hand with the kids. Which worked well for the gave them something to focus on and enjoy, instead of missing their dad so much.
So, what else:
* Ate our first tomatoes from our crazy growing tomato plants. They were very yummy and fun to know that we grew them. Not sure if we are going to do any future vegetable gardening though. The bugs out here are crazy and they put a lot of hiccups in growing veggies. Not sure where this is going to go. For now, we may stay with "pretty" plants...we will have to see.
*The bees are doing awesome. Matt did an inspection last Saturday and they are doing well. The Queen in each hive has been very active and we all got a little taste of our honey. Matt had to push some comb back and the honey just oozed out of the it...yummy. I don't really care for the honey taste, but this was great. Super sweet!!! We really look forward to next year when we are able to have our own honey all the time. I am really amazed by Matt and how well he has done with this. It is incredibly scary to walk out there with them swarming around you. I just watch from the sidelines, because I love to see all the frames with the bees on it.
*Our milking goat Doby is doing really well. She is consistently giving 1/2 gallon a day of milk. The kids have enjoyed it so much, and it has definitely cut down on our grocery budget. I hope that we can buy another dairy goat sometime in the future, so we can have milk year round.
*Our "golden nuggets..." or as you may know them, our chickens, are thriving. All 20 are out their loving the new pen that Matt built. We haven't had any problems with raccoons and the chickens are getting huge. Every time somebody stops by, they comment on their size. Though we probably won't see eggs until the late fall, it is fun to watch and know that we will have eggs soon.
*The countdown is on in regards to school...only two more weeks until we start. Though normally I don't start until after September, I have to start early to get our work done in time. The Tapestry of Grace curriculum is 36 weeks long, and I want to finish before the end of May. I have been working on lesson plans for the past week and everything is coming along nicely. The kids have more of a heavy load this year...which means my load is heavier too. But I am really excited about the new curriculum and how much they will learn.
*Swim team is in it's last week this week. The girls have loved every moment of it...they are great swimmers and have improved immensely. I am ready to be done with going to the pool so early, but it has been worth every minute of lost sleep. I love pouring into the kids...sometimes it means a little stretching on my part, but that's okay. The swim team has encouraged lots of exercise, vitamin D and making new friends.
*Caleb is doing much better. Our new psychiatrist has tried different medications with Caleb, and they seem to be doing much better. We are excited to see the changes happen in the future. Though we still have a long road ahead of us parenting a child with so many handicaps, I am anticipating a bright future. Our trust is in the Lord with Caleb.
I guess I don't have much else to say for now. Life is good...a continuous training ground of growing and maturing. I am looking forward to the summer ending (the temps have been horrendous lately) and having a nice fall (my favorite time of the year). Have a great day!


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