Happy St. Patrick's Day

Top of the Morning to you!!! LOL Happy St. Patrick's Day. A day to remember a man who wasn't even Irish...lol, but most believe that he was. And it's Monday...the dreaded day of the week. I am thankful for this week because this is the last week before Spring Break. Which by this time of the year I am so ready for a break. Summer is right around the corner and I am ready for a break. The weather has been cold on some days but warm on others. Yesterday we hit 81 degrees and it felt warm. An inkling of what is to come.
So, what else is going on? Not much really. I feel kind of boring. We are just trucking along with school work and household stuff. We are having a garage sale this weekend. I am getting everything ready for that. Ready to clean things out of the house and feel light and airy again.
I hit a spot yesterday of feeling totally frustrated with not running. I am on a 6 week lock down from my doctor...since my surgery...to not run. It was good in the beginning because I felt a little burned out from my 1/2 marathon training. But now I feel a bit crazy in the head, lol. I am needing to burn off some energy. I walked 3.1 miles yesterday which felt really good. I like my legs walking and moving and the sweat felt good too! But, I still have 2 more weeks until I can run again. Pray for me!
Hope you have a fantastic day...love someone and pinch anyone who is not wearing green :)


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