The morning is super cool and crisp today...a low of 54 degrees. I actually didn't open the windows in the house this morning because it was so cool. The kids came downstairs with blankets and thoughts of snuggling on the couch for a bit. No complaints, just a whole new world of summertime. Warm days, cool days, rainy days...such a mixture.
We plan on hanging around the house today...not much needs to be done. Summer seems to be slipping by. Can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of July. I have been printing out lots on the computer this week in anticipation of school. I still have more to do, but it's nice to jump ahead.
I still feel like I am adjusting to our house. I want it to feel like more of our home, rather than just a house. I know that it takes time. I still forget where things are all the time. As that gets easier, I think my feelings will change. Our house is so much bigger than our last house, so that is an adjustment. There truly is room for everything here. Life is all about changes and how we respond to them. What do you have going on at your house? Any new changes?


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