My other half...

Though I have been married for over 13 years I truly felt the last few days is when I recognized how Matthew is my other half! Yes, I know that may sound funny. We don't normally spend time apart...only a few short days over the past 13 years. It is during these times when they are gone is when you see how pivotal they are in your daily life. Matt went up to New York with my brother yesterday, unexpectedly, to help him out. Matt went out of the goodness of his heart and from the pastor that God established in him. He loves people so much and so easily and readily serves others.
Over the course of the night I tossed and turned because I missed him so much. I was worried about him driving such a long way in the night without any sleep. I wasn't exactly fearful, but he wasn't by my side. I am such an independent person, but God has over the years slowly been cracking and chipping away at the independence. Not saying that independence is bad, but there is a beauty in our dependence on Him and some of the people he has put in our lives. I know that I am not the person that I am without Matt. I can not be a success in this life and with my children without him. God destined us to be was appointed by God for us to be one. And I have a new level of thinking about that concept this week...Matthew truly completes me.


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