I Will Leave The Light On...

Yes, we have power! I know, some of you may be wondering what I am talking about...but we had electricity hooked up to our addition today. All of the wires have been in, but today they hooked it to the main breaker and put up all the lights. There is a fan and outside lights...it's so glorious and so close to the end. So, perhaps if you drive by, look for a light...it may be just for you!


Superhero Mom said…
Oh I loved this post! Funny huh? Something so simple...but I felt warm and fuzzy just thinking...the light may be on just for me! LOL! Hope tonight's meeting went well, can't wait to hear from you!
Michelle said…
Canyou do a post on raising chickens? I'm thinking of getting some and am doing some investigating... tks

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