Matt and I have found that our life lately has been going full speed ahead. We have been out of the house every single night this week...either for work or church related items...sometimes together and sometimes apart. And anticipating Matt going to DC this week for three days and then off to Bolivia for nine days the week after...we made today a SELAH kind of day. For those of you who don't know, you find Selah in the bible when there is a pause. So we did exactly that. We were up early...made fresh, homemade biscuits for the family, ate our yummy eggs with some sausage for breakfast...and then we were outside. Our lawn mower broke over 10 days ago and we just got it back from the repair man. Now imagine, some of my grass at this point is knee high and I am not joking. So, Matt spent four hours just mowing and weed eating! So much had to get done, but of course it looks great. The kids and I cleaned up around the shed and picked up sticks around the yard...we proceeded to burn two piles which have been there for months since we had a burn ban for so long...and then the kids jumped in their little pool to cool off. I was out to the feed I know this was a pause day, but there is nothing like riding down the road by YOURSELF and worshiping God. So back home we were able to eat lunch and continue to clean up. Matt pruned some bushes, I emptied the feed sacks and we finished up outside. I made a great dinner of Chicken, potatoes and asparagus...and then made pudding parfait for the kids...they love all the layers! Read some books to the little kids...put them down to bed promptly at seven and they passed out...and then played cards with Bryn...and she beat me in rummy for the first time. She was off to bed and then Matt and I relaxed and we were then upstairs by nine...which is wonderful! So, yes we were still busy, but instead of running here and there and every where...we were home together! That's all that counts!


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