Barney Moves On...

Well, it finally happened! It has occurred three other times here at our house..and now once more. Matt and I bought this Barney doll 12 years ago....Barney was all the rage and our little Bryn just loved him. I still remember her hugging the television screen and kissing it when he said goodbye. So, over the years we have continued to watch Barney, but not in the same capacity as back then. But the Barney doll continued to move down to each child. He slept in Caleb's bed, Esther's bed, and William's bed. As each child grew up, the Barney doll naturally went on to the next child. But William tried to keep him a bit longer...he wasn't willing to give him up! We tried to talk him into it...Judah tried to snatch him out of the bed...but William would just not budge. He wasn't willing to give him up....Until a few weeks ago...we had the official transition. William wasn't overly eager, but we talked to him about getting bigger and that it was time for Barney to move on (can you believe I had this conversation?). Well, he relented and Barney now has a new bed to sleep in. And Judah is so happy. I caught him in the bed the other day sleeping, with Barney tucked under his right arm. Priceless!


Hi I'm Michelle said…
How sweet. What a precious tradition and memory all your kids will share. Funny we have a Barney connection as well, both my boys loved Barney and had a Barney that they passed on to our dog Fluff. When we reminise about Fluff we always talk about Barney.
Great post!
aawwww, so cute! i've tried to get our kids attached to a "lovey" to make different sleeping arrangements easier to handle, but so far no dice. so neat that they have all been attached to the same one. so... who's kids get it in the next generation?

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