The Great Outdoors

It's really early on Sunday morning. I woke up at 5:45 and I knew that my sleep time was over. I am now downstairs in a dark house enjoying the peace and quiet. It doesn't happen a lot around here, that's for sure. The sun should be rising soon, that's when I will sneak back upstairs and hop in the shower. Before the kids ever knew that I was here...hehehe! Sundays are great days around here. We worship corporately in the morning with our church family and then we spend the rest of the day together. I am posting a picture of the kids from a few weeks ago
when Matt cut down one of our trees. The kids were moving large pieces of wood and transported lots of leaves in their buckets. If you have read the news lately you will have heard about most Americans having a Vitamin D deficiency. Because they are never outside and spend too much time in front of the television. Not here at the Reynolds's a must that my kids act like lunatics outside every day...unless it is raining (hard)!!! So this is what we do together...take down dead, diseased trees and let our kids enjoy the beautiful weather. It's these memories that last...not the Disney trips or's the time together that they will remember. The hours they played, rode bikes, made swords from branches, and enjoyed each other. If you do, it will change your life. Every night at dinner we each tell what our favorite part of the day is (which is good for daddy since he was at work all day) and every night Judah says, "outside!" And the others will usually respond the same way. It's all about outside!!!!


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