My Boy!!!

I can say so much about my William! He requires the most work...he is the loudest...most demanding...talks the most....jumps the highest...find the sticks the fastest...and tries to get around the rules the most. He really strives to stay one step ahead of you. But he wouldn't be William without all that. He has been that way since the very beginning. But he is starting to change a he hasn't slowed down one bit, but he is maturing and growing up. He will now sit down and do lessons with me. He is actually starting to color in the lines and he loves you to read to him. A year ago I couldn't get him to sit still long enough to read one book. He is 100% boy!!! The best part about him is that he is my most sensitive child and you have to be so careful how you talk to him. So, here is a picture of him yesterday that my friend took when he was in class making his craft. He loves class time at church and enjoys every minute of it...he is a favorite of many of the teachers! We love him for who he is!!!


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