Outside...of course!

I had to post some pictures of the kids outside. Due to the terrific, cold weather my kids have been outside (these pictures were taken right before the deep freeze of the past two weeks)...we have taken advantage of the beautiful weather. We have raked the entire pasture, fixed one of the fences on the other pasture, cleared all the brush next to the pasture fence, cleared our area for the new garden and have raked almost the rest of the property that we use! Busy, busy! It has been great and very fruitful. The cold temps don't slow us down, they give us energy. So, we hope to finish up the garden this week, with an expected bonfire on Friday for the Drama Team! We have enough from cut up trees to have several bonfires! Those of us who live in the south ( I refuse to call myself a Floridian) enjoy the cool weather and head to the beach in the hot weather!


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