Sleet and Ice in Florida???

I can't go by without talking about the crazy temperatures that we have been having here in Florida. In the 20 years that I have lived here, I have never seen it like this. Sure, we have freezing nights, frosty yards...but never 2 weeks worth of temps in the 50's for the highs. We have not seen the 60's in two weeks! The lowest temp that I know about at my house is 26 degrees. We had days where the sun didn't come out, and others where the skies were totally blue and you never would have guessed the temperature. And then this past Saturday, our high actually only hit 37 degrees (never seen that before here) and we had sleet and some had snow flakes. We actually had sleet all morning, and I have never seen that either here in Florida. Of course we have loved every minute of it...the Northerner in me will never die. But the plants are a bit wilted and I am tired of wearing the same warm clothes every day...not quite prepared in the wardrobe department. So, here are a few pictures. The icicles are from Matt, who had to run our water every night so our pipes wouldn't freeze. Enjoy!


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