Gratitude Friday

You know, sometimes, we need to take a little time to thank God for all that we have in our life. Sometimes we get wrapped up with so much of this life that we lose our purpose, focus and drive! I know I have been a poor blogger computer is down so I am depending on my husband's computer when he gets home from work.

1. Thankful for the quiet morning I am kids yelling, no food cooking (yet) and the sun rising from the east.

2. I am thankful for such a hardworking husband. He has put in the abundance of hours this week...he always pushes through to get the job done. He is an awesome provider.

3. I am thankful for my boys...for the jumping, climbing fences, stick throwing, running, plowing through things...and all that they entail. They are my joy!

4. Thankful for the cool has been quite the enjoyable winter. We have spent so many hours outside!

5. Thankful for a God who meets our needs where we are rest, joy and peace is in him!


Hi I'm Michelle said…
What a good reminder for me. Thankful is best.

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