Well, here I am in the middle of February and still feel like I am in this major transition. It has been six weeks since I stopped working part-time for the health department and I don't feel like I have hit my stride yet. I went from working most afternoons to now having lots of free time...which sounds wonderful...but now I am trying to figure out how to use my time wisely. I have numerous things that I want to do, start and get done...but now it's putting my thoughts to action and walking it out. It is such a privilege to stay at home with my kids full time, so I want to honor the Lord by capturing every moment and to have fruit come out from this time. Especially with this beautiful weather that we have been experiencing this winter...I want to take every moment I can outside. We actually have done so much. Every bit of the cleared property has been raked two times over the course of the past two months...we have our garden tilled and moving towards readiness...we have both pastures occupied by the sheep and the goats...and I am going to be working in the second pasture to get that more cleared and user friendly (lol). So, trying to stay focused...know that I am still in this transition (I still have to tell myself that I don't have to go to work or work on paperwork)...we will see where we get.


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