Snapshots of Life

I snapped this picture on Valentine's Day.  We were having our big extravaganza with our homeschool group (70 kids, wowzers)...and I took this really quick before all the action. A great snapshot of all my kids...the boys with helmets on because they were riding their scooters...and the girls looking beautiful as always.

William brought this in the house for me one day.  Ready to slip on my finger. I am amazed with this boy all the time. He has always been super sweet and sensitive, but I believe he is going to be one romantic, smashing husband one day. I love when he does stuff like this. It so makes my heart melt.

 Huge accomplishment these past few weeks. My little Judah bug is finally reading. Yes, that would be 5 kids that I have taught to read. Amazing. He was a bit of a late bloomer with the reading...he truly is ALL boy. Much more hands on and physical then the sit down and read type. But we made it. Every day he gets better and better. Love him :)
 Had to throw in a picture of our favorite store. Took a quick trip to IKEA in Orlando earlier in the month. We love to stroll around and capture some amazing ideas for the house. Rarely do we spend a lot of money, but this store does get the imagination moving.
Last but not least...A snapshot from my husband's big party...37, can't believe it!!! We had a whole bunch of people come over, and then we made teams and did a bit of a scavenger hunt around our city...kind of like Amazing Race. Ten clues and a race to get back to our house the fastest. We had such a blast...and I think everyone else did too. This is definitely one for the list of good memories.


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